7th CPC Anomalies will be forwarded to Anomaly Committee – NJCA

7th CPC Anomalies will be forwarded to Anomaly Committee – NJCA

National Joint Council of Action
4, State Entry Road, New Delhi — 110055

No.NJC/2016/71h CPC

August 12, 2016

All Constituents Of NJCA

Dear Comrades,


We have been receiving communication from various organizations as also from individual Employees after the promulgation of the notification by the Government on 7th CPC recommendations.

Most of these communications had been to express the anxiety and in some cases anger too over the delay in setting up the high level committee, assured by the Group of Minister to review the minimum wage and multiplication factor.

We have been pursuing the said issue on a day to day basis and we are fully appreciative of the apprehensions expressed in many of these letters. Since the decision making in the Government is a long procrastinated matter involving various levels and departments, such delays are not uncommon.

But We have been informed as to why the assurances held out have not been translated into action.

We have also noted that in the absence of the JCM functioning especially at the Departmental levels of various Ministries, the department specific anomalies and demands are not being subjected to any meaningful negotiations with the respective organizations. We have addressed the Cabinet Secretary to hold a special discussion with us on this subject immediately. Copy of our letter is enclosed.

On 12th August, 2016, we have met the Secretary Pensions to convey our strong resentment over decision to allow the Option NO, 1 given to the pensioners be implemented subject to feasibility. We have reiterated that while we are open to discussion as to the methodology of verification of the claims of individual petitions in respect of Option No.l, we would not be able to countenance of the non implementation of the recommendation of the 7th CPC on the flimsy ground of non availability of records.

The available NJCA members met today Delhi to review the situation in the background Of the feeling Conveyed to us through letters from various organizations. We have after taking note Of the anxiety expressed and the ongoing discussions with various authorities over the setting up of the high level committee to wait up to the end of this month before we embark upon any action for the settings upon of the said high level committee. The employees may be apprised of this decision through the requisite campaign programme.

In the meantime, we must endeavour to support the one day strike action slated for 2rd September, 2016 for Which the call has been given the Central Trade unions (including independent Federations) to the Of the ability Of the respective organizations as the Objective Of the strike is the betterment of the working people in our country.

7th CPC Anomalies

All the Constituents Organizations are requested to forward the various anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 7th CPC notification / CCS (RP) Rules 2016 to the staff Side office with brief / illustration etc. within in 15 days from today so as to enable us to study and forward the same to the Anomaly committee for settlement,

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Source : Confederation

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