7th CPC Notification is Eagerly Expected by CG employees

7th CPC Notification is Eagerly Expected by CG employees

It is expected that Finance Ministry will issue necessary order and Notifications to implement the 7th CPC recommendations as soon as possible.

7th Pay Commission is become interesting news for not only CG employees but the people across the country. Very important reason for this is Press Media. Every day at least one Daily writes an Article about 7th CPC news based on hearsay and it never missed to attract everyone.

To defuse the Indefinite strike called by NJCA , the Central Government assured NJCA that the Govt will constitute four committees to look into the important demands raised by NJCA. Based on the Press release issued by Finance Ministry, NJCA decided to defer the Indefinite Strike.

Though there are 26 Demands placed before the government, the issues of Minimum Pay, Fitment factor and HRA are mostly expected to be settled.

How much it will be increased from 18000 is the main point of discussion among CG employees and it is noteworthy that Govt also approved the uniform Fitment factor 2.57 to All grades as recommended by 7th Pay Commission.

In case the Proposed Committee recommends to increase the Minimum Pay to 19000 or more than this, subsequently Fitment factor also may be revised. As recommended by 7th Pay commission, the Committee also can use the following method to arrive the Fitment factor as per the increase in Minimum Pay

18000/7000 = 2.57

19000/7000 = 2.71

20000/7000 = 2.85

21000/7000 = 3.00

If the Minimum Pay is increased, the Fitment factor also has to be increased. Based on the New Fitment factor, the existing pay of CG employees will be revised.

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For example If, Basic Pay of a Govt Servant is Rs.10000(including Grade Pay of Rs.1900), His revised pay as per 7 th CPC will be 10000 x 2.57 = 25700 ( to be fixed as 26000 as per Pay Matrix Table)

As per the above fitment factors, the Basic Pay will be revised like this..

10000 x 2.71 =27100

10000 x 2.85 = 28500

10000 x 3 = 30000

From the above example it is obvious that Pay matrix also to be modified as per fitment factor.

There is also expectation on HRA that the 7th CPC recommended rates i.e 8%, 16% and 24% would be restored to the existing rates of 10, 20 and 30 percent respectively.

In the meantime, everybody is thinking about what are all the Provisions are incorporated in the 7th CPC Notification. We will have to wait to see the impact of the Notification to be issued by Finance ministry amidst expectations and doubts.

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