7th CPC Promotion Pay Calculator

7th CPC Promotion Pay Calculator

The 7th CPC Promotion Pay calculator is provided here for those who want know the Pay Fixation on Promotion. After implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendation there are lot of confusion in exercising Option for Pay Revision. Often it is misconstrued with Option for Promotion.

It is very clear that this calculator is not related with Option for Pay Revision. The Calculator is prepared for those drawing Pay in 7th CPC Pay Scale. Still many of CG Staffs are not clear about fixation of Pay in Promotion in 7th CPC. Some of our readers are asking so many doubts in Promotion Pay Fixation. As the 7th CPC made it very simple for fixing pay on Promotion, there should not be any confusion.

The Calculator can be useful for those who are getting Promotion in 7th CPC Pay Scale.

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