7th CPC recommendation for Pay Fixation on Promotion / MACP

7th CPC recommendation for Pay Fixation on Promotion / MACP

When we get promotion or MACP , one increment and the difference between existing Grade Pay and Promotional grade pay would be granted on account of Pay Fixation in the Pre revised Pay. We used to get one increment plus Grade Pay difference as the benefit of Promotion in Sixth Pay Commission.

But 7th Pay Commission recommended one increment to be granted as the benefit of Promotion in that same level and then the individual will be upgraded to next higher Pay Level in the Pay Matrix. Here after the hierarchy of the Grade Pay will be called as Level 1 to Level 18. How much increase we will get other than this one increment is depends on the Cell we are Placed in higher Level in New Pay Matrix .

7th Pay Commission gave an Illustrative Example in Respect of Pay Fixation on Promotion in New pay Matrix

* Suppose Ms. ABC, who , after having been fixed in the Pay Matrix , is drawing a Basic pay of Rs. 28700 in Level 4.

She is upgraded to Level 5 (either regular promotion or through MACP). Then her salary will be fixed in the following manner

1. She will first be given one increment in her current Level 4 (to ₹29,600 in this case).

2. Then she will be placed in the Level 5 at a Level equal to or next higher compared to ₹29,600, which comes to ₹30,100 in this case.


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  1. How the pay will be fixed, if the date of annual increment and date of promotion are same, i.e. 01.07.2016? Shall I get two increments in this case, one normal annual increment and one additional on account of promotion? My basic pay as on 01.01.2016 at Level13 is 129600/-. My date of annual increment is 01.07.2016 and on same day I got promoted (to Level 13A) also. What will be my new basic as on 01.07.2016 and what will be next date of annual increment?

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      It depends on which date you opt for revising your Pay, if You opt 1.7.2016 to revise your Pay in 7th CPC, Your Pay Fixation on Promotion will be fixed in pre revised Pay scale and then it will be revised to 7th CPC on 1.7.2016


    On 1st jan my basic pay and gp is 10010, 4200. I got promotion on 15.1.2016 what will be my basic on that day, my total arrear on 1.7.2016,I jumped to 4800 on that day. Allready hq fixed my pay on1. 7.2016 by self selecting 2 nd option which beneficial earlier. Tell me what option do l have and from which date I can take arrears, is there in pc any option exist of my arrear from 1.1.2016.

  3. My name sonone servicing in DRT, Aurangabad as UDC I have granted MAcp 26-02-2013 Grade Pay 2800 Level-5 Lateron 25/07/2017 grant promotion for the Post of Assistant Grade Pay 4200/- Level 6 In Julay 2017 My Basic Pay Level 5 is Rs. 46,800/- Please fix the pay for pomotion post as per 7th pay commission in grade Pay 4200/-.

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