7th CPC Recommendation on Enhancing Fixed Medical Allowance

7th CPC Recommendation on Enhancing Fixed Medical Allowance for pre 2016 Pensioners

The Pay commission in its recommendation informed that the Fixed Medical Allowance is granted to pensioners for meeting expenditure on day to day medical expenses that do not require hospitalization, presently payable at the rate of ₹500 pm. Demands have been received to increase the rate of this allowance to ₹2,000 pm. But the 7th Pay commission recommended the following…

“The Commission notes that this allowance was enhanced from ₹300 pm to ₹500 pm from 19.11.2014. As such, further enhancement of this allowance is not recommended”

But NCJCM justified this demand with deserving evidence for increasing FMA

” The Government fixed the rate of FMA as 500/- per month to the Pensioners not covered under CGHS etc. It can be seen that the Employees Provident Fund Organisation under the Central Government’s Ministry of Labour was paying a monthly FMA to its employees at the rate of 1200/- prior to 6th CPC when the other Central Government employees were drawing only 100/- per month.

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The same EPF Organisation came forward to enhance the said FMA from 1200/- to 2000/- per month w.e.f. 1st March, 2013 for the serving employees, EPF pensioners and family pensioners.

When an organisation under the same Central Government has taken steps to suitably enhance the Fixed Medical Allowance in consonance with the market conditions, there is no justification whatsoever for the Central Government to adamantly refuse to upwardly revise this FMA , which is presently at a lowest level of Rs.500/- per month which everyone knows is totally inadequate to the medical needs of a pensioner’s family.

When pressed the Government have stated that as this allowance was introduced by the V CPC, the enhancement of its rates will have to be considered and recommended by another pay commission. NCJCM suggested that the 7th CPC should recommend for re fixation of FMA @ 2000/- per month plus DA thereon. In addition this FMA shall be permitted to those pensioners who want to undergo only Unani or Ayurveda or Homeopathy type of treatments even though they live in areas covered by CGHS.

But the above argument simply ignored by 7th Pay commission and declined to enhance the FMA

So Increasing the rate of Fixed Medical Allowance is need of the Hour and it is very much helpful for those who are residing in areas which not covered by CGHS for managing the Medical Expenses. It should be considered by Central government.

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  1. The govenment should consider the medical allowance enhancement from rs.500 to Rs 2000. The retired employees are facing lot of difficulties in this aspect, hence I request the Govt.of India considering the medical allowance enhancement to Rs.2000

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