7th CPC recommendations for Sports Persons and Coaches

7th CPC recommendations for Sports Persons and Coaches

Allowances related to Sports : Allowances Covered
Alphabetical list of Allowances covered here is as under:
1. Out of Pocket Allowance
2. Refreshment Allowance

Out of Pocket Allowance : This allowance is paid to players and coaches of Indian Railways who participate in sports events abroad, in lieu of Daily Allowance on Foreign Travel, to take care of subsidiary expenses, at the rate of $35 per day. There is a demand to replace this allowance with Daily Allowance on Foreign Travel.

Analysis and Recommendations : The demand has merit. Accordingly it is recommended that Out of Pocket Allowance should be abolished and players and coaches participating in sports events abroad should be paid Daily Allowance on Foreign Travel.

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Refreshment Allowance : This allowance is paid to players, coaches, technical officials and Railway Sports Promotion Board (RSPB) observers during National and Indian Railways’ camps and Championships, to support additional food requirements, at a uniform rate of Rs.240 per day. There are demands for three fold raise in the amount of this allowance.

Analysis and Recommendations : While Refreshment allowance is understandable for players/coaches/technical officials, it is not justified for observers of Railway Sports Promotion Board (RSPB). Therefore, since the allowance is not indexed to DA, it is recommended that Refreshment Allowance should be increased by a factor of 2.25 to Rs.540 per day. The amount will rise further by 25 percent each time DA crosses 50 percent. However, the allowance will be paid only to players, coaches and technical officials.

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