7th CPC recommendations Relating to Defence Family Pension

7th CPC recommendations Relating to Defence Family Pension

The principal demands made before the Seventh CPC in respect of family pension in respect of Defence Forces personnel are as follows:

i. Enhanced Ordinary Family Pension to be made admissible for a duration of 10 years after death of the individual, both in harness as well as after retirement.

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ii. Special Family Pension at the rate of 80 percent of the last reckonable emoluments as against the existing level of 60 percent.

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iii. Additional quantum of family pension with advancing age should commence at the age of 70 for JCOs/Other Ranks instead of 80 as prevails today.

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iv. Inclusion of war injury element/disability element in computation of family pension for widows of ex-servicemen who were in receipt of war injury pension/disability pension and commutation of the war injury element/disability element, if already not done by the individual prior to his demise.

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