7th CPC Recommends for withholding Annual Increments of Non-performers

Withholding Annual Increments of Non-performers after 20 years 

The Criteria for Annual Increment is Minimum six Month Period of service to be done to be eligible for the Annual Increment. Unlike in Private Sector the Performance of the individual has no role to play in granting of Annual increment in Govt sector.

But it will not be like this any more in Government Sector also . Not only Serious Concern expressed in this regard by 7th Pay Commission and further it made them to recommend for Withholding Annual Increments of Non-performers after 20 Years. The Pay commission recommendation is given below

‘….There is a widespread perception that increments as well as upward movement in the hierarchy happen as a matter of course. The perception is that grant of MACP, although subject to the employee attaining the laid down threshold of performance, is taken for granted.

This Commission believes that employees who do not meet the laid down performance criterion should not be allowed to earn future annual increments. The Commission is therefore proposing withholding of annual increments in the case of those employees who are not able to meet the benchmark either for MACP or a regular promotion within the first 20 years of their service.

This will act as a deterrent for complacent and inefficient employees. However, since this is not a penalty, the norms for penal action in disciplinary cases involving withholding increments will not be applicable in such cases. This will be treated as an “efficiency bar”. Additionally, for such employees there could be an option to leave service on similar terms and conditions as prescribed for voluntary retirement”.

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