7th Pay Commission Arrears

7th Pay Commission and The Arrears

“In the past, since the Pay Commission recommendations were enforced with years of retrospective effect, the government refused to release the arrears”.

Once every ten years the Pay Commission for Central Government employees is constituted to revise their pay and allowances. In 2006 the previous Pay Commission was implemented. The most recent 7th pay commission, was submitted to the Central Government its report in 2015. In June or July, the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission are expected to come into effect. From January 1 2016 they are likely to have a retrospective effect.

In the event that it comes into effect from January 1, many are convinced that the government is very likely to not release the arrears for House Rent allowances and Transport allowances, this time also. But, some of our readers voilently oppose this stand.

The recommendations of 6th Pay Commission was implemented and the revised salaries were given only with effect from 01/01/2006. The allowances are given only after 1/9/2008. It was originally meant to be implemented on 01/01/2006 including all allowances. The allowances, particularly HRA and TA were calculated from 01/09/2008 onwards. The 32-months arrears on HRA and Transport allowance are refused to be given by the government.

This time, the slogan is “Pay Commission without arrears” Despite all, four months have passed. The government servants are not responsible for the delay, but they have said that the government must pay the arrears on HRA and travel allowance from the implemented date.

Similarly, the readers have expressed their opinions about the deductions including CGEGIS, GPF, and NPS.

Some say that only after deducting the subscriptions of CGEGIS the arrear amount has to be calculated. And also, after deducting like Minimum GPF contributions the arrear calculations must be made and, the subscription of New Pension Scheme. We are making efforts to incorporate all these views.

The Intention behind designing a calculator to find out the salaries, pensions and allowances of the Central Government employees, the serving members of the armed forces and the pensioners, is to give the readers a simple and as-accurate-as-possible method of calculation.

Source: 7thpaycommissionnews.in

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