7th Pay Commission can grow up to three times the salary of employees

Raipur / New Delhi. 7TH Pay Commission recommendations submitted to the government. These will be decided on December 31 last. Some changes are possible if necessary. Then it will be sent to the Finance Department. The new 7th Pay Commission, IAS, IPS and IRS officials propose uniformity in salary. Officers and employees as well as up to three times the salary increase is proposed.

Commission President Ashok Kumar Mathur, secretary and member Dr Meena Agrawal. Rathin opinion and conscience The report is prepared by Rock. According to the recommendations of the report of the employees are 32 pay-band. Also, the Secretary and the Cabinet Secretary has different pay bands. It is proposed to be reduced to 13. Pay-band low and the IAS, IPS and IRS Pay Band will be the same. Consistency comes from IPS and IRS will complain that they are paid less than the IAS.

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