7th pay commission Central Government Salary Calculator

7th pay commission Central Government Salary Calculator

7th pay commission Central Government Salary Calculator

7th pay commission salary calculator for central government employees

7th pay commission pay scale / salary calculator for central government employees is a free online tool. We have developed to calculate the monthly salary of the employees. You can also download the calculator to use it whenever you wanted to. Instructions has also been provided to free download the tool.

As per the 7th CPC Report, the total number of Central Government employees in position as on 1.1.2014 is 33,01,536 [91,501 Group ‘A’ Officers, 2,80,892 Group ‘B’ Officers and 29,29,143 Group ‘C’ employees]. The 7th CPC recommended a new pay fixation method is entirely different from 6th CPC and also recommended 2.57 fitment factor commonly for all groups of CG employees. Instead of a salary slab system, the commission suggested a new Pay Matrix System. Revision of pay and arrears effective from 1.1.2016.

As Central Government employees earned three increments so far after 7th CPC implementation and DA reached 12 % level, So we have developed a New 7th CPC Salary Calculator for Central Government Employees with all the above factors taken into account. The calculator also enables you to calculate the salary with 12%, 17% and 21% DA.

The Calculator requires two sections of inputs from you. One is Gross Salary section and the other is Deduction section. So It requires data from both the sections to calculate your monthly salary. The Gross Salary section requires details such as 7th cpc level, Basic pay (the basic pay will automatically gets populated once you select your level), HRA, DA and TA. The Deductions section requires GPF amount, Insurance, HBA and Miscellaneous. It is not necessary that you have to select all the inputs to see some results. You can see your salary getting calculated as and when you give your inputs.

How to use the Calculator ?

Follow the instructions to use the calculator to calculate your monthly salary with all the factors taken into account.

  • Click “Open Calculator” button provided below in the image.
  • Enter all the details in Gross Salary section.
  • Select your Appointment Date.
  • After selecting the Appointment Date, Enter the deduction details.
  • Once all the input fields are you can view your Gross Salary, Total deductions and Your Monthly Salary.

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Please do leave your valuable feedback about the tool in the comment section.

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