7th Pay Commission DA Calculator

7th CPC DA Calculator for Expected DA from July 2016

As all of you know that 7th Pay Commission has included the enhanced DA from January 2016 in the 7th CPC Fitment formula. Hence, after the implementation of 7th CPC recommendations, the DA will be zero from January 2016.

Pay commission stated in the report that no change is needed in DA calculation. So the same method of Calculation continues for 7th pay commission also. Since accumulated DA up to January 2016 has been neutralized to revise the pay, the expected DA from July 2016 will see the first hike in 7th pay commission era.

As of now two months AICPIN have been released by Labour Bureau. Still we need four Months AICPIN Points to calculate exact rate of DA to be declared from July 2016. The AICPIN for the month of March likely to be declared in few days. After that approximate DA from January 2016 can be calculated by using this calculator.

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