7th Pay Commission news: Rajasthan Govt appoints 3 Member Committee

7th Pay Commission news: Rajasthan Govt appoints 3 Member Committee

The Rajasthan State Government has formed a committee headed by former Chief Secretary D.C.Samanth to view the existing Pay and allowances and for the implementation of Seventh Pay Commission for Rajasthan State Govt employees.

The committee will have the following members:-

1.Shri D.K.Mitthal – Retired from Rajasthan’s Accounting Services

2.Sheri M.P.Dikshith – Retired from Rajasthan’s Accounting Services

The committee will discuss the following points and will report its recommendations to the state government within three months:-

1 The committee will express its point of view and based on the Rajasthan Pay Scale, 2008 for the employees on running pay band and grade pay.

2 The committee will take into consideration state employees’ pay scale and make proper recommendation. With reference to the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations. State employees are to be benefitted by the pay level and this would give the government a financial strain which would also be assessed by the commission.

3 The commission will also examine and report and find a solution to the various allowances and special allowances given to the employees and the liability it involves to the state exchequer.

The office of the commission will be housed in the Finance Bhavan. The committee will decide its activities on its own.

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