A Readers’concerns of false news about 7th pay commission recommendation

One of our readers Shri.Jai Kishan Desais‘ concerns of false News items posted in media recently about 7th pay commission recommendations is given below..

“….The Central Government employees are fed up with the false news items that keep coming about 7th Pay Commission which are published in Dailies and blogs and in Social Media recently. Baseless Predictions, groundless assumptions, imaginary calculators, truth less articles and to this extreme… Dubious Projects are also being published about 7th Pay commission recommendation

What is the reason behind these false report keep coming in News Media and Blogs? What is the intention which prompt them to publish these rubbish articles regarding 7th pay commission in their websites?

The intention behind publishing these article is not to give the correct information to central government employees but promoting their websites using the trending news and key words. Among central government employees the attracting word now is 7th pay commission, 7th pay commission pay scale and date of submission of 7th pay commission report.

Recently the articles which have been published in some leading news websites showed their lack of knowledge in the matters of service condition of central government employees and 7th pay commission.

The main focus of these articles are attracting people to their website and to increase the ranking in search results. Merely promoting their websites in search results, they started publishing articles which has no value and bearing misleading facts. The same old story repeated in every articles published

Recently many articles, which are published in websites about the recommendation of 7th pay commission, are nothing more than gimmicks. One article posted in a blog says ….

This News went viral in Social Media and surprisingly many websites posted this information without knowing that it was recommended by Fifth Pay Commission.

Another Example is, in a leading website the story mentioned below was published

“There will be 5 to 6% performance-based increment every year and those who are under-performing could retire by 55 years of age or after 30 years of service, added sources. House Rent Allowance could also be hiked by 10% to 30%”

It seems that those who wrote these articles didn’t know not even the existing rates of allowances paid to central government employees, but they try to impress the central government employees by their prediction about the Pay scales and Allowances of 7th pay commission going to be recommended in future.

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