Ad-hoc bonus to employees of autonomous bodies

Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance has granted ad-hoc Bonus (Non-productivity linked Bonus) to employees of autonomous bodies for the year 2014-15

F.No.7/22/2008 E-Ill(A)

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Expenditure

E III (A) Branch

New Delhi, the 26th October, 2015.


Subject:- Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (Ad-hoc Bonus) to Central Government Employees for the year 2014-15 – Extension of orders to Autonomous Bodies.

Orders have been issued vide this Ministry’s Office Memorandum No. 7/24/2007 E-III (A) dated 16th October, 2015 authorizing 30 days emoluments as Non-PLB (Ad-hoc bonus) for the accounting year 2014-15 to the eligible Central Government employees not covered by the Productivity Linked Bonus Schemes, subject to terms and conditions laid down therein.

2. The undersigned is directed to say that it has now been decided that the Non-PLB (Ad-hoc) bonus so admissible subject to the terms and conditions laid down in the aforesaid orders, may be extended to the employees of autonomous bodies, partly or fully funded by the Central Government which (i) follow the pattern of pay structure and emoluments identical to that of the Central Government and (ii) do not have any bonus or ex-gratia or incentive scheme in operation.

3. In case of doubt as to the operation of these orders the clarificatory orders, circulated vide this Ministry’s O.M. No.l4(10)E-Coord/88 dated 4.10.88, as amended from time to time, may be kept in view, mutatis mutandis.

4. Any request for funding by the Government to meet the liability on account of Non- PLB (Ad-hoc bonus) in respect of various autonomous organizations would not be considered by the administrative Ministries concerned, as the expenditure on Non-PLB (Ad- hoc bonus) should be met from within the existing budgetary provisions of the respective organizations. While the Autonomous Bodies not funded by the Central Government may also adopt these orders as per their own administrative and financial judgment in respect of their employees, no liability for funding will, in any case, lie on the Central Government on this account.

(Amar Nath Singh)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

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