AICPIN for September 2016

AICPIN for September 2016

The Expected DA from January 2017 still have a possibility to touch 5% hike even after the AICPIN for September 2016 decreased by 1 point from the Previous Months CPI Number. The Labour Bureau has released the AICPIN for the month of September 2016 yesterday. According to the labour bureau estimates The All-India CPI-IW for September 2016 decreased by 1 ;point and stood at 277 (two hundreden seventy seven).

There  is a possibility  that the DA hike from January 2017 to go contrary to our expectations if the AICPIN keep decreasing in coming months . But if it remain at 277 point without any change for coming three months, then it surely will hit the 5% mark in expected DA from January 2017 as per the revised DA formula in 7th CPC .

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