Authorization of CSRF by employer

Authorization of CSRF by employer

Authorization of CSRF by employer. Many employers (Central, State, and Private Sectors) have implemented employees to work from home in order to contain the disease of COVID-19.



CIR No: PFRDA/2020/2/CORP/1

Date: 24th March, 2020

All Stakeholders

Subject: Authorization of CSRF by employer

1. World Health Organisation has already recognized COVID-19 outbreak as a lobal pandemic and in light of various advisories issued by Ministries of Central Government /State Governments /Local Administrations /Corporates for taking precautions to avoid spreading of the pandemic, many employers have implemented / encourage employees to work from home.

2. In light of the above and requests received from Points of Presence, it has been decided to allow employers/corporates to authorize the NPS Subscriber Registration Forms submitted by their employees through email instead of physical authentication subject to the following conditions:

  • employee authorizations should be from the email ids of the Nodal Officer or the Alternate Nodal Officers as registered in CRA records.
  • upon resumption of normalcy, re-authorization of employees by employer/corporate on their letter head to be collected by PoPs for all such cases.

3. The corporates / employers already authorizing the forms through online methods may continue the process as is.

Yours Sincerely
(Mono MG Phukon)
General Manager

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source: pfrda

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