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11th November 2016

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The Chief Executive
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Overtime Allowance for Extra-Work

You are aware of RBI directive to Banks on working beyond scheduled business hours on 10th and 11th as also to keep the Banks open on 12th (Second Saturday) and 13th (Sunday) of this month with a view to facilitating customers, as also those having no Bank account, deposit/exchange //500// and //1000// Rupee Notes since demonetized. Accordingly, all the Banks have issued necessary instructions to the employees for working extra-hours on two working days and on two holidays as aforesaid. However, while so issuing instruction to their respective employees, most of the Banks have not issued any direction to the respecting paying authorities for payment of appropriate Overtime Allowance to the employees concerned, as provided for in the Bipartite Settlement, for such extra-work and/or working on holidays.

Notwithstanding our serious reservations about the justification of the present demonetization and/or the manner and authority for making the announcement, etc., we cannot and have not been oblivious to the untold inconveniences the general public have been put to because of such shock announcement. To mitigate at least a little of the harassment they have been forced to endure because of the whims of the authorities that be, we have suitably advised our members, and have also called upon the Bankmen beyond our fold, to exert as much as possible to help

the constituents deposit and other sections of the public (non – Account holders) exchange the demonetized currencies in their passion.

Simultaneously, interests of the employees being the topmost priority of our agenda, we wish to ensure that they are not put to unnecessary inconvenience in realizing their legitimate dues, in respect of the extra work and/or working on holidays, from their respective employer-Banks.

In the circumstances, we request your suitably advising your member Banks to issue appropriate instruction for payment of Overtime Allowance, in terms of the Bipartite Settlement, to the employees concerned, for the extra-work as aforesaid.

Your await your appropriate positive action at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

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