Budget disappointing for the Labour – BMS Press Release

Budget disappointing for the Labour – BMS Press Release

BMS Press Release



Press statement issued by Sri Virjesh Upadhyay , General Secretary ,BMS ON 1st February 2018.

Budget disappointing for the Labour – BMS to hold countrywide demonstrations on 2nd February
Even though today’s budget for the first time has given more thrust to rural development, agriculture, health, infrastructure etc., it has totally neglected the woes of labour. Anganwadi workers, ASHA karmis and other scheme workers who belong to the poorest paid workers appointed under the Central Government have nothing as relief in the budget. Middle class employees are unhappy with no increase in their ceiling for tax exemption; at the same time the cess on income tax is increased from 3% to 4%. This was done at a time when the budget claimes 41% increase in the tax payers’ net.

Moreover the Government treasury has been hugely benefitted by the new GST regime, demonetization and digitalized bank transactions. Now there is a system by which last paise to be paid as direct or indirect tax will reach the Govt. treasury.

The unorganized sector workers’ Social security fund is also not given any support in the budget. Budget says the women employees need to pay only 8% contribution to EPF in startups. The increase in take home salary for women will reduce 16% of their future savings in the EPF when they leave their establishment within few years. The burden of merger of Insurance Companies also will be on the workers, and there is no Government’s assurance on their job security, transfer, promotion etc.

There is also no provision for revival of viable sick CPSUs, instead the Government is focusing its attention on Strategic sale of 24PSUs; increase in EPF pension from the current Rs.1000/- and budget allocation for cess withdraw from 9 labour welfare funds. Budget also omitted to increase allocation for MGNREGA so that it can increase the wage and number of working days.

Budget unilaterally announces fixed term employment to be extended to all employment. All labour related changes in law has to be discussed in the tripartite forum and then finalized. Now the draft notification on fixed term employment issued on 8th January is pending consultation with trade unions. In the meanwhile it is totally unfair on the part of Government to unilaterally announce it in Budget.

All these shows the total neglect of Government on labour. It is a labour unfriendly budget.

Hence, BMS decided to protest against Budget. It directs all its units to hold demonstrations demanding review on budget proposals.

its future course on unsettled issues related to labour will be decided in the coming National Executive Committee meeting to be held on 6-8 February .

Yours faithfully,
(Virjesh Upadhyay)
General Secretary

Source: Confederation

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