Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure: Railway Board Order

Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure: Railway Board Order

Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)

PC-VII No.62
File No.PC-VII/2016/RSRP/3

RBE No.139/2017
New Delhi, dated 27.09.2017

The General Manager/CAOs(R),
All India Railways & Production Units,
(As per mailing list)

Sub: Clarification regarding bunching of stages in the revised pay structure under RS(RP) Rules, 2016.

Instructions relating to bunching of stages while fixing the pay in 7th CPC was issued vide Board’s letter dated 26.09.2016. Subsequently in view of interim clarifications issued by Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide their OM No.1-6/2016-IC (Pt.) dated 13.06.2017, it was advised vide Board’s letter dated 29.06.2017 that, wherever not given effect to implementation of provision of bunching contained in Board’s letter dated 26.09.2016 may be put on hold till such time detailed clarifications are issued to avoid subjective interpretation of the provisions that could result in anomalies/recoveries at a later date.

2.Now, detailed clarifications over the issue has been issued by Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide their O.M No. 1-6/2016-IC dated 03.08.2017 (copy enclosed).

3.The clarifications issued by Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide their O.M. dated 03.08.2017 will be applicable mutatis mutandis in Railways w.r.t. RS(RP) Rules, 2016.

4.Illustrations in this regard are enclosed at Annexure-A & Annexure-B.

(Jaya Kumar G)
Deputy Director, Pay Commission – VII
Railway Board

Source: AIRF

Illustration to show where bunching is not applicable – Annexure-A & Annexure-B

bunching-order (1)




2 thoughts on “Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure: Railway Board Order”

  1. As per Supreme Court of India RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS Diary No(s). 23663/2017, for similarly placed govt servants need not file the cases to implement the same in their favour.
    “Once the question, in principle, has been settled, it is only
    appropriate on the part of the Government of India to issue a Circular so that it will save the time of the Court and the Administrative Departments apart from avoiding unnecessary and avoidable expenditure.
    The present situation is that the stepping up is available only to those who have approached the Court.
    But since the issue has otherwise become final, we direct the Government of India to immediately look into the matter and issue appropriate orders for granting the pay-scale so that people need not unnecessarily travel either to the Tribunal or the High Court or this Court.”
    jvsr krishna

  2. Increment:
    As per decision of the Supreme Court of India, for those Govt Servants who are completed one year service increment fell due on 1st of succeeding month and retired on 30th / 31st of the month are entitled increment, pl go thru the judgement. Hence, those due for increment approach the respective departments for granting increment. details are as follows:
    C.C.No.10842 of 2013 dated 04.07.2013 of Supreme Court of India decision:
    increment fell due on 01.04.2010 for the service rendered between 01.04.2009 and 31.03.2010, the same was declined by the impugned order dated 25.08.2014 by the second respondent. Hence, this writ petition.It is not in dispute that the petitioner served between 01.04.2009 and 31.03.2010 and hence, he sought for increment for the service rendered and the same cannot be denied. The aforesaid judgment also took the same view.
    In view of the same, the impugned order is quashed and a direction is issued to the second respondent to sanction annual increment which fell due on 01.04.2010, within a period of six weeks from the date of receipt of a copy of this order. The second respondent is directed to send revised pension proposal, pursuant to sanction of annual increment within a period of eight weeks thereafter.
    jvsr krishna

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