Claiming Children education Allowance is made simple in 7th CPC

Claiming Children education Allowance is made simple in 7th CPC

The 7th pay commission, which is much expected by all the Central Government Employees, has submitted its report to the government. In its report, the commission has specified that the new pay commission has to be implemented from 01/01/2016 onwards.

The expectations of all the Central Government Employees is focused on: Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance and Children Education Allowance.

The fact that the 6th Pay Commission revived the CEA can never be repudiated. Although there are various problems in getting the reimbursement of the allowance, the 6th Pay Commission stands first when it comes to CEA.

7th CPC recommended CEA Rs 2250 pm from existing Rs 1500pm.

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The 7th Pay Commission has made it simple by doing away with the practical problems for claiming CEA

Particularly, the recommendation that getting a letter from the schools where the children of the Central Government Employees studying is enough will be certainly welcomed by all.

In order to get CEA for those children, who study in the same school from class 1 to class 12, is it necessary to get a certificate for every year? Or is it enough to get a certificate when the child is transferred to another school?

Questions like these naturally arise in our minds.

Getting good education is depends upon getting admission in standard schools. Naturally fees struture is high in these schools.So education expenses get important place in employees monthly budget.

The fact that same amount of CEA will be given for children who study in class 1 and class 12 is irrational. From class 1, every year when the child goes to higher classes, the minimal sum of Rs 2250 has to be increased by atleast 5%.

As per the recommendation of the 7th CPC, when DA exceeds 50%, the CEA increases by 25%. In this case, even to get the first CEA increase one has to wait for at least four or five years. We have to keep in mind that the pay commission is set up only once in ten years.

In spite of all these, the CEA announcement of the 7th CPC is a certainly a laudable one. If it had included the above aspects if would have been even more appreciable


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