CSD: Implementation of GST at Unit Run Canteens (URC)

CSD: Implementation of GST at Unit Run Canteens (URC)

  1. Further to CS Dte letter No. 95350/Q/DDGCS/Advisory/10-2017 dt 16 Jun 17.
  2. CIMS Upgrade Version 5.10/ CIMS Plus Version 6.02 (for implementation of GST) has been prepared and launched.CIMS/ CIMS Plus at all URCs will be updated with this upgrade before 30 June 2017 and URCs will not sell any grocery items wef 01 July 2017 before updating their CIMS/ CIMS Plus with these upgrades
  3. To facilitate speedy upgrading of CIMS/ CIMS Plus, the upgrade patch has been uploaded, on M/S SCPL secure FTP, along with the latest hotlist patch (encrypted hotlist patch with details only of Card serial No and no personal details to conform to security requirements).
  4. URCs may download the relevant files – CIMS Upgrade Version 5.10 for URCs running older version of CIMS and CIMS Plus Version 6.02 for URCs migrated/ automated with CIMS Plus, for timely conformation to GST regime norms, before starting sales wef 01 July 2017. URCs downloading these CIMS updates can also download and run the latest hotlist patch. A How to – Manual for running these is attached as Appx.
  5. GST button will be provided to implement the required functionality of GST. It will work wef 01 July 2017. On clicking this button, software will update as follows:-
    • Revised retail rates will include the existing retail rate and taxes already paid by URCs.

      Taxes to be charged by URC (VAT & Entry Tax) will become ‘nil’ for all the itmes balance in inventory.


      No VAT can be charged wef 01 July 2017 and the word VAT will not be printed/ shown on any bill.

  6. URCs to run the CIMS/ CIMS+ upgrades only with telephonic support/ guidance of SCPL Tech support personnel/ CCTSC/ RPMC. Technical teams shall also be physically installing and upgrading all URCs with CIMS Upgrade Version 5.10/ CIMS Plus Version 6.02 (for implementation of GST) & latest hotlist patch.
  7. Misc Issues : The stocks already supplied to the CSD Depots, based on the demand by URCs, will be collected by the URCs. This will facilitate early supply of fresh GST stocks.
  8. GST in the State of J & K. : It is still not clear if and when the state of J & K will implement GST. To meet this peculiar requirement, a flag has been added in the upgrade for implementation of GST of URCs in J&K. As and when GST is implemented, SCPL Tech team will enable the flag. This option is also required for URCs moving in and out of J&K. URCs, moving out of J & K. For both conditions, SCPL Tech support will enable/ disable this flag option. Hence, existing VAT will continue in J&K till further instructions.
  9. This letter may pl be disseminated to all URCs under respective comd.
  10. This has the approval of competent authority.

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