Entry Pay for Promotees in 6th CPC to be re examined – NCJCM Decision

Entry Pay for Promotees in 6th CPC to be re examined – NCJCM Decision

S.No.18 — Grant of entry pay recommended by 6th CPC to the promotees under the provisions of CCS(RP) Rules- 2008.

Department of Expenditure had through their letter dated 24.01.2017 informed that the recommendation of the NAC for grant of entry pay to all the promotees under 6th CPC had been considered by that Department. However, it was not agreed to considering the fact that it was in modification of the recommendations of the 6th CPC. This decision was taken with approval of Finance Minister.

However, in the light of the order of the CAT, Principal Bench, Chennai, they have requested Ministry of Defence and Department of Revenue to intimate the action taken by them since the applicants of the OAs are working in those departments. A reply is yet to be received.

Staff-Side stated that this problem is acute in organisations where there is no direct recruit or recruitment has not taken place for some time. As such there is no junior direct recruit employee. Considering the submission made by the Staff-Side that no person’s salary could be fixed at less than the minimum of the pay scale or pay band, as the case may be, the Official Side had agreed to raise the pay of promotee officials on par with directly recruited personnel, irrespective of the fact whether direct recruitment has really taken place or not. The said agreement ought to have been translated into order. It is not correct for the Finance Minister to dishonour the agreement and no tangible reason has also been advanced by the Official Side for such a decision. Noting this to be an anomalous situation which causes suffering to the employees, it was decided that the Department of Expenditure would re-examine.

{Action: D/o Expenditure}

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