Essential Services During Covid 19 Outbreak

Essential Services During Covid 19 Outbreak

MES Advisory : Essential Services During Covid 19 Outbreak

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86440/Misc/Policy/E4 (U3)

23 Mar 20

E-in-C’s List ‘A’ & ‘B’


1. Various measures are being taken by the Indian Government/ State Government/ Local Administration for avoiding the spread of COVID-19. These include social distancing, isolation measures and lockdown. This office letter No 90900/Gen/E1A dated 23 Mar 20 also refers.

2. Essential services have been kept out of restrictions placed by the Government/ Administration. To ensure that the essential services are maintained during the lockdown period, the following are advised:

(a) Identify staff which will be required to maintain essential services in the Station. Liaison to be carried out with Station HQ and Local Administration for unhindered move of personnel from place of residence to place of work as well as while carrying out their duties. If there is a need to provide accommodation, food, transportation, etc, to the staff to attend to their services, concerned Station HQ be approached for the same.

(b) Personnel required in eventuality of breakdown of essential services be kept on call and available for quick deployment.

(c) Repair and maintenance of essential services be given due priority. Inventory control of essential spares be ensured. Liaison with other Government Department/ Supplier/ Contractor be carried out to ensure uninterrupted services.

(d) Special passes be provided to Personnel and T&P carrying out essential services to ensure unhindered move through Station HQ, if so required.

(e) Necessary precautions for avoiding transmission of COVID-19 be taken. Provision of Mask/ sanitizers/ soap/ water be ensured for all personnel including those carrying out repair and maintenance of essential services.

3. The advisories listed above are guidelines. Based on the Station requirement, necessary action should be carried out by executives to ensure uninterrupted essential services are provided.

(N K Goel)
Offg Jt DG(U)
For E-in-C

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