Expected DA from July 2017

Expected DA from July 2017

The Expected DA from July 2017 may turn into a matter of concern, if the current trend of AICPIN continues. Because starting from June 2016, the AICPIN decreasing by one or two points.

After 2% DA from July 206 was Approved by the Union Cabinet, everybody started looking for January 2017 DA as it was the second installment of 7th CPC regime. So far 9 months AICPIN are released by Labour Bureau. Presumably there is 4 to 5% DA hike is expected from January 2017.

But what will be the expected DA from July 2017 if the AICPIN decreasing or sustaining in the same level. AICPIN which Starting from July 2016 to June 2017 are required to calculate the Exact rate of DA for July 2017. So far three months CPI numbers from July to September 2016 are released.

July 2016 -280

August 2016 – 278

September 2016 -277.

At this juncture predicting anything on Dearness Allowance from July 2017 will be a premature decision. But one thing is sure that it will not go to the level  as desired by CG Staffs.

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