Expected DA from January 2017 Calculator

Expected DA from January 2017 Updated Calculator

DA from July 2016 in 7th CPC is yet to be announced by Govt. Dearness Allowance is the only component can bring some hike in salary for next ten years. So it is inevitable for CG Staff like to know the Expected DA from January 2017. So far 7 Months AICPIN for Industrial Workers are released. We need 12 Months AICPIN to calculate the Exact rate of DA from January 2017. However, by assuming the remaining Months of CPI numbers, we can calculate the expected DA approximately. The DA calculator provided below will calculate the Expected DA from January 2017. Enter the Expected AICPIN points for coming months in the relevant field.

M/Y & Link CPI(IW)
7th CPC DA%
Monthly Increase
Jan 2016
Feb 2016
Mar 2016
Apr 2016
May 2016
June 2016
July 2016
August 2016
Sept 2016
Oct 2016
Nov 2016
Dec 2016

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