GDS Committee Report 2016 : Welfare schemes – Chapter 19

GDS Committee Report 2016 : Welfare schemes

GDS Committee also noted that the problems of BPMs are different from the other than BPMs. The Committee therefore, views that there may be a cause for some modifications in the existing Trade Union facilities available for GDSs.

The Committee recommends the followings regarding the Welfare schemes for the GDS

19.32.1 GDSs’ contribution to Circle Welfare Fund should be enhanced from Rs. 20/- to Rs 100/- per month.

19.32.2 Department’s grant to the Circle Welfare Fund should be enhanced from Rs. 100/- per GDS per annum to Rs. 300/- per GDS per annum.

19.32.3. The scope of the CWF should be extended to cover immediate family members such as spouse; daughters, sons and dependent daughter in law in the scheme.

19.32.4 The Committee recommends hike in the prescribed limits of financial grants and assistances from the Circle Welfare Funds.

19.32.5 The Committee recommends addition of assistance of Rs. 10000/- for purchase of Tablet / Mobile from the Circle Welfare Fund in the head “Financial Assistance of Fund by way ofloans with lower rate of interest (5%)

19.32.6. The Department should follow up the Committee’s suggestion to include GDSs in schemes such as ESI, Group Health Insurance proposal of O/C, and EPF, as discussed in this Chapter and act as a facilitator to implement the proposals.

19. 32.7 The Committee recommends that the point system should not be applied to the Compassionate appointment of dependents of GDS. In all cases, where the conduct and service of the deceased Sevak was entirely satisfactory and the candidate fulfils all the conditions for selection to a GDS post, compassionate appointment should be given
without any delay.

19.32.8 The Department should provide photo identity cards to al/ GDSs free of cost.

19.32.9 The Department should allow two unions for the GDSs, one for B,DMs and the second for ABPMs / DSS by granting them usual trade union facilities to enable both the categories to present their grievances at appropriate forums.

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