Grant of 3rd MACP in GP 4600 for Record Supplier, Blue Printer in Defence Establishments

Grant of 3rd MACP in GP 4600 for Record Supplier, Blue Printer in Defence Establishments


REF: BPMS/OFB/ACP/64 (7/3/M)

Dated: 22.01.2016

The Director (IR),
Ordnance Factory Board,
10 A, S K Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700001

Subject: Grant of ACP to Record Supplier, Blue Printer etc. in OFB between 01.01.2016 to 31.08.2008.

Respected Sir,
With due regards, your attention is invited to the points raised in the JCM meetings by the Staff Side Members of this federation on the subject matter.

You have already clarified that erstwhile ACP Scheme was applicable upto 31.08.2008 and the promotions / upgradations granted prior to 01.01.2006 in the merged grade pay had been ignored for grant of ACP in the promotional hierarchy upto 31.08.2008 and this clarification had already been implemented in favour of supervisory cadre (Chargeman & JWM) of Ord Fys.

On the above analogy, Blue Printer & Record Supplier being a feeder grade for Tracer (upto 20.04.2006) which is a feeder grade for Draughtsman / Chargeman may be granted the 02 financial upgradations under the ACP Scheme by ignoring his movement upto Blue Printer & Record Supplier.


Further, your attention is invited to the order of CAT (Principal Bench) in OA No. 634/2013 (Smt Madhu Malti Tyagi & ors Versus Union of India & others) decided on 22.10.2013 wherein similar case had been dealt with and the relief was granted in favour of petitioners. Respondent No. 3 (General Manager, Ordnance Factory Muradnagar) had published the necessary Factory Order for pay fixation (copy enclosed) in this regard.

In such circumstances, you are requested to take necessary action so that similarly placed all the non-petitioner Record Supplier / Blue Printers may be granted 01st ACP in GP 2400/- and 02nd ACP in GP 4200/- on completion of 12 yrs & 24 yrs regular service between 01.01.2006 to 31.08.2008 & 03rd MACP in GP 4600/- on or after 01.09.2008 on completion of 30 yrs regular service.

Kindly resolve the issue without further delay.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours
Secretary/BPMS & Member, JCM-II Level Council (MOD)

Source: BPMS

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