IFMS- One Office One Drawing Officer System-Introduced

Government have introduced One Office One Drawing Officer System in the state in a phased manner from 15/09/2015.For details view
GO(P)No.391/2015/Fin Dated 07/09/2015.

(1) Circular No. 92/2009/Fin dated 2.11.2009
(2)0. 0. (P) No. 76/2014/Fin dated 21.2.2014.
(3) Minutes of the meeting on IFMS held on 3.06.20 15

Hereafter the drawal and disbursement of salary and other entitlements of all staff members, including gazetted officers in an office is entrusted with the respective DDO of that office. The treasuries shall not accept the bills prepared by Gazetted Officers from the date specified in the annexure. Consequent to the introduction of new system, the DDOs shall prepare separate salary bills, one for Non Gazetted Officers and the other for Gazetted Officers both in the slightly modified TR 51 bill form appended to this order. The simplified bill form TR 46 (a) introduced vide Government Order read second above, to prepare salary claims of Gazetted officers will stand withdrawn from the date of changeover into the new system.

The salary bills of Gazetted Officers shall continue to be prepared based on the pay slip authorised by AG. The Gazetted Officers shall make available a copy of their latest pay slip to the DDO of the office in which they are now working, to prepare their salary claims. In future AG shall send pay slip directly to the DDOs concerned instead of sending the same to treasury. However, no authorisation from AG is required for claiming annual increments as ordered in the circular read first above.
Hereafter issuance of NLC, LPC, effecting Co-operative recovery, filing of TDS returns, etc.
in respect of all staff members including Gazetted Officers shall be the responsibility of the DDOs

The new system will be put into operation in a phased manner as detailed below. irom 15/09/2015 Finance Department in Government Secretariat. From 01/10/20 15 all offices under Sub Treasury, Secretariat. From 01/11/2015 all offices under District Treasury, Thiruvananthapuram From 0 1/12/2015 all departments and offices in the State.
After 01/12/2015, the bill generation facility provided for self drawing officers in SPARK will be filly withdrawn. However Gazetted Officers can view their claims using the SPARK login facility
The NIC shall make necessary modifications in the SPARK application to generate single bill of all Gazetted Officers for each DDO
From December 2015 onwards, the Accountant General shall send copies of the payslip (including surrender leave salary slip, etc.) in respect of all Gazetted Officers directly to the DDOs of the office in which the gazetted officer is presently working along with a copy to the officer concerned.
All personal claims of Gazetted Officers such as TA, GPF, Medical reimbursement, etc. will also be preferred by the DDOs concerned under the new system.
The arrear claims, if any pertaining to the period prior to 1/12/2015 shall also be preferred by the DDO concerned
The salary deduction statements pertain to SLI, LIC, GIS, GPF, FBS, etc. generated from SPARK and attested by DDOs shall be accepted by all account keeping authorities as proof of remittance to set right missing credits.
The establishment claims of both Gazetted and non Gazetted officers shall be prepared and presented to the Treasury by the Account Sections of Department / Offices concerned.
The DDO concerned shall draw and credit the salary and other entitlements of Gazetted officers including AIS officers to their existing banic / treasury account.
Any clarification in this regard shall be addressed to Government in Finance (Streamlining) Department.

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