Inevitable decision on 7th Pay Commission before Indefinite Strike

Inevitable decision on 7th Pay Commission before Indefinite Strike

The Indefinite Strike Called by National Joint Council of Action from July 11th will play a vital role to determine the fate of the 7th Pay Commission. The amount of pressure exerted on the Government through this agitation may change the Govt Views over Pay Commission.

It is evident that the present NDA Government is not in favour of Bapus. And the Public opinion about Government Employee’s attitude and work Culture is too not in favour of CG Employees. So it is now the unity among Central Staffs and their undisputed faith over Unions, Staff Associations and Federations only will get them expected results.

At this juncture, somehow, the call for Indefinite Strike is a timely decision taken by NJCA and it is the only weapon, through which the powerless Central Staffs can intimidate the Government to do Justice for them in respect of Pay Revision and Improving Service Conditions.

That is why Federations are keep on telling the CG Staffs to be prepared for Indefinite Strike. They are, however, alarming the affiliated unions to be vigilant about the rumors about 7th Pay Commission. They informed that Social Media and Some News Agencies are publishing the false news which may deteriorate the Spirit of Govt Servants.

The Success rate of agitation Programs to be conducted by NJCA in order to prepare the Central Government Employees for Indefinite Strike will be the Pressure indicator to the Central Government to take decisions on 7th CPC issues and Pending demands prior to the Strike.

The Indefinite Strike is a well-defined and calculated move by NJCA to give the pressure to the Central Government as the Govt is reluctant to address the issues of CG Staffs and implement the 7th CPC recommendations.

It is inevitable to the Government to take decision on 7th Pay Commission before the commencement of Indefinite Strike.


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