Issue of Pension Slip to Defence/Family Pensioners

Issue of Pension Slip to Defence/family Pensioners

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension),
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad-211014

Circular No. 184

No. AT/Tech/70-XXIV
Dated: 06.06.2016

Sub: Issue of Pension Slip to Defence Pensioners/family pensioners.

Attention is drawn to RBI letter No. DGBA.GAD. N o. H-10975/45.05.031/2006-07 dated January 9, 2007 instructing all the agencies banks to issue pensionslip to all the Armed Forces Personnel/Defence Civilian Pensioners including family pensioners at the commencement of pension and thereafter whenever there is a change in the quantum of pension. RBI’s above instruction was also forwarded by this office to all banks vide this office circular N o. 128 dt. 13.07.2007.

Besides above, whenever any circular was issued by this office after 6th CPC implementation, PDA’s were requested to send intimation regarding disbursement of revised pension to this office in the format prescribed with the circular concerned. PDA’s were simultaneously requested to provide invariably a copy of the said format to the pensioner concerned. A brief details of circulars issued and format prescribed for intimation of revision to be carried out by PDA to this office as well as pensioners is given below.

[table id=13 /]

However, it has been brought to the notice of this office that PDA’s are not providing the details of revised/family pension to the pensioners/family pensioners. Thereby due to lack of knowledge pensioners are not sure about correctness of the amount of the arrears being paid to them and most of them have a sense of suspicion against the revision.

To overcome above suspicion, it is requested that an explanatory sheet as per the enclosed format may be provided to all defence pensioners/family pensioners invariably.

(Abhishek Singh)
Asst.CDA (P)

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