Issues discussed in NCJCM Standing Committee Meeting held on 3rd May 2017

Issues discussed in NCJCM Standing Committee Meeting held on 3rd May 2017

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The General Secretaries of Affiliated Unions of NFIR

Dated: 04/05/2017

Sub:Issues discussed in the Standing Committee Meeting of NC/JCM held at Room No. 119, North Block, New Delhi on 3rd May 2017-reg.

The Standing Committee Meeting of the NC/JCM held at Room No. 119, North Block, New Delhi on 3’d May 2017 under the chairmanship Secretary (Personnel), Government of India. S/Shri M. Raghavaiah , Leader JCM (Staff Side) and NFIR General Secretary, President NFIR Guman Singh, Working President R.P. Bhatnagar and Vice President K.S. Murty have participated in the meeting while representatives of other Federations/Associations have also taken part in the meeting.

2. Important points deliberated in the meeting:-

(a) In the opening address, the Leader JCM (Staff Side) has conveyed to the Secretary (Personnel), the serious disappointment and unhappiness among Central Government employees over breach of commitment on the part of Government on major issues. He cited the assurance given by the Senior Ministers on 30“ June 2016 on the demand for revision of minimum wage, multiplying factor and official statement issued by the Ministry of Finance on 06“ July 2016 for constituting High Level Committee to examine these issues for placing before the Cabinet. Unfortunately, only one meeting was held by the Additional Secretary (Expenditure) and thereafter nothing is known on these vital demands even after lapse of about 10 months. The Leader JCM (Staff Side) also expressed unhappiness over lack of transparency on several issues discussed, consequently the JCM (Staff Side) is kept in dark. He pointed out that the 7* CPC recommendation for revision of pension to the retired employees and said that although the JCM (Staff Side) is the major stake holder and held discussions, the contents of the report of the Committee are not made available to us. This reveals that the Government does not bother to share the information with JCM (Staff Side), he pointed out.

(b) On Allowances, he said that though discussions with the Staff Side JCM, the views of the Committee headed by Finance Secretary are not shared with the JCM (Staff Side). Apart from this, the decision on Allowances has been procrastinated for several months leading staff dissatisfaction. He further said that it is not known whether the Government will be modifying the recommendations of 7° CPC on Allowances on the basis of justification given by the JCM (Staff Side) as the report of the Committee though finally submitted, the proposals are not known to JCM (Staff Side). He urged upon the Chairman of the meeting to convey JCM (Staff
Side) demand that Allowances should be given effect from 01St January 2016.

3. On other issues, the Leader JCM (Staff Side) pointed out were as fo11ows:-

(a) 14.29% hike in the wages of Running Staff in Railways has not been ensured inspite of Resolution of Finance Ministry, Government of India. He said that the Railway Ministry’s proposal is pending with Ministry of Finance.

(b) The references made by different ministries to the DoP&T/MoF as a result of discussions by the JCM constituents are pending with the Government without finality.

4. Conclusion:

(a) The Leader ECM (Staff Side) requested the Chairman of the meeting to convey unhappiness of the JCM (Staff Side) to the Government and also take initiatives on the points highlighted above, mainly minimum wage, multiplying factor, pension parity etc.

(b) The action taken statement on pending items have be reviewed in the meeting. The draft minutes are expected to be received soon from DoP&hon finalization of the minutes, same will be circulated.

(c) The Railway related demands mainly counting of temporary status service of casual labour in full for the purpose of retirement benefits was discussed in the meeting. It was assured to consider after further consultations with the Ministry of Railways.

(d) MACPS issues were discussed but however there is no finality.

(e) Re-fixation of pay of re-employed Defence Forces Personnel in the Central Government (POBRs) — under examination [ATS — S No. 26/Item No. 6(XIV)].

(f) So far as Standing Committee agenda items are concerned, special meeting will be convened by DoP&T for discussion.

The above is for information of the affiliates.

Media Centre/NFIR.
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)“ General Secretary

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