Life Time CGHS Card for Pensioners

Life Time CGHS Card for Pensioners

LIFE TIME CARD : CGHS Card for Central Government Pensioners – Contribution as above depending on the Last grade pay at the time of retirement. Choice is with the individual. One can apply for Life time card by paying 10 years contribution together or one can apply for one year, two years etc. by paying for that applicable period.

The Plastic Cards (which are identity cards), would hereinafter be issued with validity till the pensioner beneficiary is entitled for CGHS benefits. In respect of pensioner CGHS beneficiaries, who have paid CGHS contribution for ‘Rest of Life’ CGHS facilities, the Plastic Cards would, hereinafter, be issued for ‘Rest of Life’.

The ownership of CGHS Card can be transferred in the name of spouse on submission of required documents.

No extra payment to be made, in case of life time cards.

However in other cases one has to pay 10 years subscription for life time card For example, if the spouse had contributed for seven years before he expired , balance payment for the remaining three years is to be paid for a life time card.


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