Minimum pay and Multiplication factor may be referred to a committee – INDWF

Minimum pay and Multiplication factor may be referred to a committee – INDWF


R. Srinivasan
General Secretary


Date 05.07.2016

All Affiliated Unions of INDWF,
Office Bearers & Working Committee members of INDWF

Dear Colleague,

INDWF vide its circular No.24 Dt 28.06.2016 communicated to all our affiliated unions to continue the momentum generated, to hold demonstrations, rallies etc in all work places every day from 4th July, 2016 to 10th July, 2016 to intensify the Indefinite Strike w.e.f.11.07.2016 from 0600 Hrs as per the decision of NJCA.

After the Cabinet meeting of Government of India held on 29.06.2016 approved the 7th CPC recommendations without any change in the Empowered committee’s recommendations which has disappointed the Central government employees as a whole. The Cabinet further considered appointing committees for the following issues to a committee to decide within a period of 4 months.

1.)The commission examined a total of 196 existing Allowances and by way of rationalisation, recommended abolition of 51 Allowances and subsuming of 37 allowances. Given the significant changes in the existing provisions for allowances which may have wide ranging implications the cabinet decided to constitute a committee headed by Finance Secretary for further examination of the recommendations of 7th CPC on allowances. The committee will submit its report within 4 months in a time bound manner. Till a final decision, all existing allowances will continue to be paid at the existing rates.

2) Cabinet decided to constitute two separate committees.

a) To suggest measures for streamlining the implementation of National Pension System (NPS).

b) To look into anomalies like to arise out of implementation of the commission’s report.

Main features of the adverse recommendations of VII CPC and cabinet approval.

Minimum pay increased from Rs.7000/- to Rs.18000/- only against Rs.26000/- increase of total pay on revision is 7000 + 125% of DA Rs.8750 =Rs.15750/-. Total minimum pay Rs.18000 —Rs.15750 = increase only Rs.2750/-. Out of Rs.2750/- 10% Pay towards NPS = Rs.1800 – balance Rs.950/- Total increase amounts only Rs.950/- for next 10 years. No increase in allowances, All interest free advances abolished. This has caused very serious discontentment among Central Government employees.

* CCL — 1st year 100% salary 2nd year only 80% salary

*Meagre increase in minimum pay.

*Fitment Factor is 2.57 to apply for pay revision.

* CGIES (insurance) no change.

* Rate of annual increment retained at 3%.

After the approval of VII CPC report by Government of India on 29.6.2016, the NJCA met on 30.06.2016 at Delhi and unanimously decided to continue the Indefinite Strike w.e.f.11.07.2016.

On 30.06.2016, the NJCA was informed to meet Finance Minister and some ministers at Home Minister residence. Accordingly, few NJCA members met the ministers at 09.30 p.m. The views of NJCA and the disappointment of Central Government employees placed before them. Then Finance minister suggested out on the issue of minimum pay and multiplication factor may be referred to a committee. But NJCA leaders said that if any official meeting is convened or official communication issued, it may be placed before the NJCA and consider to meet and discuss otherwise, we do not agree and continue with our Strike proposal.

Then the NJCA met on 01.07.2016 again the above views were adopted and decided to meet on 06.07.2016 awaiting for any official communication from the Government of India.

Hence, it is intimated to all our affiliated unions, the attitude of Government of India without holding any discussions and not willing to settle the demands through mutual discussions and deciding unilaterally ignoring the National Council JCM is considered a highly objectionable and not agreeable. Thus, NJCA decided to proceed with our decision to commence Indefinite Strike w.e.f.11.07.2016 from 6.00 a.m. onwards.

Any progress before 10.07.2016 takes place, it will be accordingly intimated but till such time you have to proceed with all action for the success through Indefinite Strike.

Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary

Source: INDWF

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