Next PNM Meeting between NFIR and Railway Board

Next PNM Meeting between NFIR and Railway Board


National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affilitated to:
Indian National Treade Union Congress (INTUC)
International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)

No. NFIR/PNM/109

Dated: 23/11/2016

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,.
New Delhi

Dear Sir,
Sub: Next PNM Meeting between NFIR and Railway Board-reg.
Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. 2016/E(LR)/I/NM I-8 dated 04/10/2016.

Railway Board are advised that the following representatives of NFIR will attend the PNM meeting to be held at Rail Bhavan on 22nd/23rd December, 2016.

1. Shri Guman Singh President, NFIR
2. Dr. M. Raghavaiah General Secretary, NFIR
3. Dr. R.P. Bhatnagar Working President, NFIR
4. Shri T.K. Chatterjee Treasure, NFIR
5. Shri K.S. Murty Vice President, NFIR
6. Shri J.G. Madhurkar Vice President, NFIR
7. Shri B.C. Sharma Jt. General Secretary, NFIR
8. Shri R.P. Singh Jt. General Secretary, NFIR
9. Shri P.S. Suriya Prakasam Jt. General Secretary, NFIR
10. Shri Munindra Saikia Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
11. Shri R.C. Sahoo Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
12. Shri Binod Sharma Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
13. Shri Ashok Sharma Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
14. Shri Shaik Rahiman Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
15. Shri Praveen C. Bajpai Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
16. Shri C.P. Singh Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
17. Shri R.G. Kabar Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
18. Shri Ghanshyam sharma Asst. General Secretary, NFIR
19. Shri V. Gopal Krishnan Zonal Secretary, NFIR & Motorman, Chennai Divn, S.Rly.
20. Shri Ramesh Mishra Zonal Secretary, NFIR
21. Smt Kasturi Dutta Chief Matron, Central Hospital, N.F. Rly, Maligaon
22. Smt Pranita Manumdar Chief O.S./CCM/FM Office N.F. Rly, Maligaon
23. Shri P.S. Chaturvedi General Secretary, ECRMC, Patna
24. Shri S.R. Mishra NFIR representative and General Secretary, SERMC
25. Shri Vinod Rai NFIR Representative (working on N.E. Rly)
26. Shri G. Prabhakar Andrew President, SCRES
27. Shri Sharif Khan Pathan President, WRMS

It is requested to advise GMs etc., to see that the above named representatives are granted facilities i.e. special casual leave, pass etc., for their particiaption in the PNM meeting.

Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

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