Online processing of GPF Final withdrawal/advance

Online processing of GPF Final withdrawal/advance

Office of the CGDA, Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt – 10

No.AN/III/3012/Circular Vol–III

Dated : 06.09.2017

All PCsDA/ PCA (Fys) / PIFAs/ CsDA/ CsFA/ IFAs

Subject: Online processing of GPF Final withdrawal/advance-DAD Estt.

The provisions for GPF withdrawals / advances have been liberalized by the Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions vide their OM No. 3 / 2 / 2017-P&PW (F) (ii) dated 07.03.2017(copy enclosed). Online GPF module has been implemented in the HQrs office through TULIP Module adhere to the time limit prescribed in the ibid OM dated 07.03.2017 for sanction and payment of withdrawal amount.

2.It is pertinent to mention that Government is giving maximum priority on the proposal to roll out the system in all the offices to implement centralized online GPF system for Central Government employees.


(a) The process for submission and processing online request for GPF Final Withdrawal/Advances by the individual are as under.

i. Go to tulip in Moziila Firefox on WAN (with specific URL for TULIP).

ii. Click on login.

iii. User will enter name and password provided by the office.

iv. After login, click DAD corner- DAD one GPF submission.

v. A page will open. Fill the requisite information and submit the request.

vi. After filling the information, PDF/scanned copy of latest CCO-9 & contingent bill may be uploaded online and same will be downloaded by the user (i.e. AN Pay Section). Wherever scanner is not available, hard copy of CCO-9 and Contingent bill are to be submitted, however, application for withdrawal/advance has to be through TULIP’ only.

(b) The audit section (i.e. DAD-Pay) will follow the following procedure of GPF Final Withdrawal/Advances through Tulip Module.

i. Online request will be received in Admin Pay Section Portal.

ii. Admin Pay Section will verify the details of online application and generate an office note with complete details i.e. (i) balance of GPF, (ii) reason for withdrawal/advance,(iii) amount of Withdrawal/Advance.

iii. The Office Note will be submitted alongwith downloaded copy of contingent bill to the Competent Authority for sanction and countersignature.

iv. After sanction, PM /Cheque Slip will be generated and payment will be processed through SBI CMP.

4.In view of the above, it is requested to start processing online request for GPF Final Withdrawal/Advance through TULIP Module and no manual application will be processed to avoid excess payment/double payment (one through online system another manual) at the credit of subscriber. In case of any difficulty faced in processing the GPF Final withdrawal/advance online through Tulip, the same may be taken up with IT & SDC Secunderabad for clarification/ guideline.

This has approval of Jt.CGDA(AN).

(Kavita Garg)


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