Parity in Pay Scale between Sr Auditor/Sr Accountant of IA&AD: NCJCM Agenda Item No.12 to NAC

Parity in Pay Scale between Sr Auditor/Sr Accountant of IA&AD: NCJCM Agenda Item No.12 to NAC

The 7 CPC in Para 11.12.137 of the report under the subheading ‘Organised Accounts Staff’, has recommended that “The Commission, in Chapter 7.1 has already taken a view with regard to Pay level of Assistants of CSS. The recommendation there-in will settle the parities as have been sought to be established”.

The 6 CPC in its report vide Para 3.1.14 recommended parity between field and Secretariat offices upto the level of Assistant (now Assistant Section Officer) the 6th CPC further stated that the recommendations made in Chapter 3.1 would also apply to IA&AD and organised Accounts (i.e. Civil Accounts, Postal Accounts, Defence Accounts and Railways Accounts) (Para 7.56.10). Further in Para 7.56.8 6 CPC stated that “…because it is recommending merger of pre-revised pay scales of 5500-9000 and 6500-10500 which will automatically place Assistants in CSS and SA in an identical revised pay band and grade pay”.

Despite this clear cut recommendation of granting the same pay scale to Assistant Section Officer in CSS (formerly Assistant) and SA in Organised Accounts and IA&AD the SA has been kept at pay matrix 6 where as the Assistant SO in CSS are place in pay matrix 7. As per the Govt. resolution dated 25th July 2016, this recommendation has not been rejected but it remains to be implemented.

The 5th, 6th , and now 7th CPC have stipulated and recommended that the Pay levels for the cadres/categories/grades having same recruitment qualification must carry identical pay scale. Denial of pay scale to SA at par with Assistant SO of CSS is clear violation of the afore stated principle which also disturbed the horizontal relativity between the pay scales SA in Organised Accounts and IA&AD and Assistant Section Officers of CSS.

This anomaly may be rectified by placing the SA also in Pay matrix 7.


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