Proposal to Pay 1% DA from July 2016 as an interim Measure

Central Government has a proposal to Pay 1% DA from July 2016 as an interim Measure

The Sources Close to the Ministry of finance informed that there is proposal to Pay 1% DA from July as an interim Measure.It is said that the Central Government has not yet decided about the DA rates in Revised Pay scale.

Sources close to Finance Ministry told that the initial installment of DA to central government employees on the revised pay structure w.e.f 1.7.2016 is under consideration. Mean time there is a proposal to pay the DA from July 2016 at the rate of 1% to all CG Staffs. It will be a shocking news for CG Staff, since they are already expecting 2 to 3% DA from July 2016.

PRU is asked to submit Financial Implication of 1% DA

But the fact is the Department of Expenditure has directed the PRU of the Finance Ministry to furnish the details of additional Financial Implications for 1% increase of DA with effect from 1.7.2016 on the revised Pay Structure.

Further the Pay Research Unit has been requested to furnish financial implications for the Period of July 2016 to February 2017 on account of granting 1% DA from July 2016 to all central government employees including Armed Forces and UT Employees.

According to the above information, it is believed that announcement of 1% DA for July installment may be made any time soon.

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2 thoughts on “Proposal to Pay 1% DA from July 2016 as an interim Measure”

  1. B.C.Balasubramanian

    misleading. If PRU had been asked for2or3% cat would have been out of the bag. only for secrecy it has been shown as1%

  2. Sir,
    this is like adding insult to injury.Already the favuorabe option
    has been delayed. All the PPO details are available with the DOPT
    When will the finance and DOPT act ? Time is running out


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