Revised 7th Pay Commission Pension Calculator

Revised 7th Pay Commission Pension and Arrears Calculator

The 7th Pay Commission recommendations on Pensioners have received mixed reactions. Since there are two options are given to them to choose in respect of fixation of revised pension, it seems that discrepancies can be avoided in fixing revised pensions.

Already it has been explained about the two options in our earlier post.Click here to View the Steps to Calculate Your Basic Pension.

But We have received many queries regarding number of Increment to be counted for fixation of Revised Pension.

It is clearly stated in the pay commission illustrations that number of increment earned in the post held on Retirement should be counted for the purpose of fixing revised pension.

For example if one has retired from the post in the Grade Pay of 4200/-, number of increments earned in that particular Post/Grade pay only taken for calculation of Revised Pension.

The Pension and Arrear Calculator based on 7th CPC Recommendations has been provided here for your convenience. The revised Pension and Arrears can be calculated through this calculator.

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10 thoughts on “Revised 7th Pay Commission Pension Calculator”

  1. Iam retired 0n 30-11-2004 and my pension under 5th pay commission scale was fixed.on implementation of 6th pay commission my revised pension was fixed at 14775.For pensioners there was no question of grade pay.Under 7th CPChow my pension will be fixed whether I will get any option 0f @.57 rise or of Basic pension plus increment etc.

  2. Asish Chakraborty

    Please let me know 7th cpc effect on my total pension.
    Got discharged in 2004jul as Sgt.
    Mentioned basic is as per 6th cpc.
    Pls expedite. &
    What may be the arts?
    Regards & thanks


    i retired from service w.e.f. 28.02.2006 my basic pension was RS 9820.00 what is thw calcutation of my now pension w.e.010102016 a per 7th pay commission

  4. My date of joining is 25/12/1993 now continue in pay scale 5200-20200,my basic pay 10880+grade pay 2800 in 01/01/ I want to voluntary retire from my service w.e.f. 31/01/2017,please tell me about my pension, gratuities, and other allowances in 7th CPC

  5. G.N.Parthasarathi

    I retired on 1-12-1990 on completion of 58 years. My existing basic pension is 15,564 (12,137 + 20% for crossing 80 years) The revised pension works out to 46,350 on the basis of 17 increments in 6th PC Pay band of 15,600 – 39100 and grade pay of 5,400 at level 10. Am I not entitled to 20% increase on revised pension of 46,350 since it is the second option based on increments in the retirement scale? PLease clarify early.

  6. Since now, the notification is issued and the pension appears to have been fixed on adhoc basis and the arrears credited to respective bank a/c, it is advisable to withdraw, discontinue the irrelevant sites, as they are creating more confusion reg.. option I, option II, etc. Further, any information with ref. to final fixation based on ‘Pay matrix’, so that, the middle income group retirees can plan their savings for income tax exemptions? When the final fixation is likely to take place? I presume, it might be along with decision on the ‘allowances’ for the serving employees.

  7. How revised pension is to be fixed. Whether no of increments earned from 1-1-2006 till date of retirement are to be counted or Number of increments earned in the last rank in which one retired are to be taken into account. please clarify position.

  8. Kothandapani Dorairaj

    I retired on 30.04.2016. My basic Pay Rs. 16790 GP 4600 in PB2 9300 – 34800. Kindly calculate my Pension and other terminal benefits.

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