Revised Pension Fixation Calculation on Notional Pay – Karnataka COC

Revised Pension Fixation Calculation on Notional Pay – Karnataka COC

What the above decision means for pre-2016 retirees?

Modification made appears fixing the pay of pre 2016 retirees notionally in revised pay matrix and then fixing pension at 50% of pay. If the pension so fixed is more than the pension fixed with fitment formula of 2.57 then pension will be revised otherwise no change. It is presumed that option will be given to pensioners. For arriving at pay in revised matrix of 7 CPC for those who retired prior to 1-1-1996 notionally there pay will be fixed under V CPC scales and VI CPC Pay structure. Similarly for those who retired prior to 2006 it will be notionally fixed in VI CPC Pay structure and then in 7 CPC matrix. The pay for this purpose is pay last drawn as recorded in their PPO. For the information of readers fixation formula under V CPC, VI CPC and VII CPC rules is given below:


[table id=70 /]

Pay in the revised scales to be fixed at the stage next above the total even if there is stage equal to the total.

Rates of DA as on 1-1-1996

[table id=71 /]


[table id=72 /]


[table id=73 /]

‘X retired on 31-1-1992 and pay was Rs. 2900 in the scale 1640-2900
1. His notional pay under 5 CPC scale of 6500-10600 is Rs.8900;
2. His notional pay under 6 CPC (PB2 +GP 4200) is Rs.20760;
3. His notional pay under 7 CPC (Level 6) is Rs.53600;
4. Pension fixed on 1-1-2016 with a fitment formula of 2.57 is Rs.25847;
5. Pension as per cabinet deciscion 50% of notional pay as per 7 CPC is Rs 26800.

Note: The above example is only an illustration.

The pension fixation may vary from case to case. Final calculation has to be made as per the Government orders.



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