Option for Revising 7th CPC pay on Increment date is Beneficial in Rare cases

Option for Revising 7th CPC pay on Increment date is Beneficial in Rare cases

Workout before Giving Option for Revising 7th CPC Pay

Giving Option for revision of 7th CPC Pay is a must and important thing to be done by Central Government Employees in respect of implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations

Your 7th CPC Pay will be revised as per the Option you choose to revise your Pay

There are Two options provided in option form

1 . I ___________________________________ hereby elect the revised pay structure with effect from 1st January 2016

2. I, __________________________________ hereby elect to continue on Pay band and Grade Pay of my substantive / officiating post mentioned below until:
* the date of my next increment/the date of my subsequent increment raising my pay to Rs ________________ / I vacate or cease to draw pay in the existing pay structure / the date of my next promotion/upgradation to the post of _________________________

Normally it has been advised by the administrative Department that …

For Option -I

The Government servants those who are not getting Promotion or Upgradation between 1st January 2016 to 1st July 2016 should select No.1 Option i.e electing to revise the Pay with effect from 1.1.2016

For Option -II

The Government servants those who got Promotion / upgradation in the Period between 2st January 2016 and 1st July 2016 will have to select any one of the conditions given in Option No.2 after working out their Pay as per the choices given. Because which Option is beneficial to them is depends on the Basic Pay and Period of Service in the Pre revised Scale. The cases may vary individual to individual.

It is to be noted that one can choose to revise his pay from his next Increment date in Normal Conditions also. Because if revising the pay after granting one increment is beneficial than revising pay from 1st January 2016, he will be allowed to choose the option of I elect to continue on Pay band and Grade Pay of my substantive post until the date of my next increment.

It is observed that selecting revising pay from the Date of next increment in second Option is beneficial in rare cases.

But one important thing to be kept in mind before opting Options other than 1st January 2016


If you are ready to forego arrears, then you calculate your pay on 1st January 2016 and 1st July 2016 with an increment and select which one is beneficial to you and go according to that.

How to calculate in normal conditions if there is no promotion involved…

A. As on 1.1.2016

Your Basic Pay x 2.57
And Select the Cell same or nearest Higher to this amount arrived at in corresponding Level
*note  add one increment with this in 7th cpc on 1.7.2016

B. As on 1.7.2016 after One Increment in sixth CPC

Your Basic Pay x 2.57
And Select the Cell same or nearest Higher to this amount arrived at in corresponding Level

If A is Higher than B, you can select No. 1 option i.e Revising the Pay with effect from 1st January 2016
If B is Higher than A , You can select the date of my next increment Date in Option no.2. i.e Revising the Pay with effect from 1st July 2016

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    One employee got financial up gradation in the Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/-on 01-01-2006 and the Basic Pay as per pre revised scale was 17090/- as on 01-01-2006…Now question is that whether his pay will fixed multiplying the basic pay as on 01-01-2006 as per pre pre revised basic pay? Please let me give knowledge about it.

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      Yes. The Pay fixation for Financial Upgradation will be done in pre revised scale and then it will be revised to 7th CPC Pay Scale

  2. Bindu satheesan warrier

    My basic pay is21690/-as on 1/1/16.including the GP4600/-
    22340/-as on 1/7/16.
    which option is beneficial.
    I or II.
    when will i get the next increment in both cases
    ie if i give option I
    And if i give option II.

  3. Rajesh M. Sontakey

    Presently, I am working as an U.D.C. My basic pay as on 01-01-2016 was Rs.12900/- (10500+2400 G.P. = 12900.) My second MACP is due w.e.f. 28-6-2016. Which option shall be more beneficial for me, either from the Date of Promotion/Grant of Financial Up-gradation under MACP i.e. 28-6-2016 or from the date of next increment i.e. 01-7-2016 ?
    If opted from the Date of Next Increment, which shall be the next date of increment ? Whether 01-7-2016 or 01-01-2016 ? Kindly clarify.

    1. Rajesh M. Sontakey

      Sorry, in my above querry :- If opted from the Date of Next Increment, which shall be the next date of increment ? Whether 01-7-2016 or 01-01-2016 ? Kindly clarify. the dates mentioned as 01-7-2016 or 01-1-2016 may be treated as 01-7-2017 and 01-01-2017 respectively.

  4. Rajesh M. Sontakey

    Sorry, The querry, If opted from the Date of Next Increment, which shall be the next date of increment ? Whether 01-7-2016 or 01-01-2016 ? Kindly clarify may kindly be read as whether from 01-7-2017 or 01-1-2017.

  5. my detail-
    basic+gp 10840 on 01-jan-2016 and 11170 on 01-07-2016 according to 6 cpc
    so is it beneficial to choose revise pay form next increment date i.e. 01-july-2016.
    if i choose revise pay from next Increment date ( 1-july-2016) in Normal Conditions then what will next increment date 01-jan-2017 or 01-july-2017.

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      As per the Provision laid down in the Chapter of Annual Increment in Revised Pay Rules 2016, Your Increment date can be 1st January

  6. My pay fixation from 1.1.16
    Pay = 17540+Gp4600 = 22140 X 2.57 – 56,899.80 say 56,900
    Pay fixed in Level 7 Cell 9 = 56,900 (i.e. same figure arrived)
    Pay on 1.7.16 after getting one increment in revised pay = 58,600

    My pay fixation on 1.7.16 after getting one increment in existing pay band/gp
    Pay 18,210 + 4600 = 22810 X 2.57 =58,621.7 say 58,622
    Pay fixed in Level 9 cell 11 is 60,400
    Hence opting for revised pay from 1.7.16 is more beneficial for me. Am I right?

  7. Sir good evening,
    Firstly thank you for giving such options how to opt. If the total Option A & B are equal under head “How to calculate in normal conditions if there is no promotion involved…”. What is the beneficial as my basic pay in 6 CPC is Rs.26160/- as on 01-01-2016 and next date of increment is 01-07-2016 (Rs.26950) . Pse let me know the calculation of fixation of pay and which option I shall opt i.e on 01 Jan or 01 July as my promotion date is 01-09-2014 in GP of Rs.5400 in PB-3.
    With regards

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      If A and B are equal you can opt 1.1.2016 to revise the Pay, so that you will get arrears for the Period of JAnuary to June 2016

  8. Sir,
    My basic pay as on 01-01-2016 is 18740 ( 14140 + 4600) in PB-2, GP – 4600. I got promotion on 01-04-2016 in GP – 4800. I availed only difference of Grade Pay ( 200) wef 01-04-2016 and opted for getting my promotional increment on 01-07-2016 alongwith my annual increment. Subsequently, I got both of my due increments on 01-07-2016 and my basic was fixed as 20100 ( 15300+4800) on 01-07-2016. Now, as per 7th CPC, which option I should opt:
    (1) from 01-01-2016 with two increments on 01-07-2016 ( 52000 – Level 8) and date of next annual increment as 01-07-2017 ( with arrear).
    (2) from 01-07-2016 ( LEVEL 8 – 52000) and next date of increment as 01-01-2017.
    Plz guide in my case which is extraordinary.

    1. It is normal in Sixth CPC .Try this calculator and decide which one is beneficial.. Option calculator
      If you elect second Option 2, Your pay on 1st July 2016 will be 53600. whereas if you elect Option 1, you will get this 53600 on 1st january 2017



    MY BASIC PAY AS ON 31.12.2015 IS RS. 13990+ G.P. 4800= RS. 18790.00.
    I AM GETTING NFSG W.E.F. 01.07.2016 IN THE POST OF PS. MY PAY HAS BEEN FIXED ON 01.07.2016 IN PB-3 AT 15600+ G.P. 5400 = RS. 21000/- IN THE MINIMUM OF PB-3.
    WHETHER TO OPT 7 CPC FROM 01.01.2016 OR FROM 01.07.2016


    (A) 18790 X 2.57 = 48290.30 OR SAY IN LEVEL 8 MY PAY FIX WILL BE FIXED AT 49000/- ON 01.01.2016. ON GRANT OF NFSG FROM 01.07.2016 WILL BE MINIMUM OF LEVEL 10 – RS. 56100/-


    (B) 18790 X 2.57 = 48290.30 OR SAY IN LEVEL 8 MY PAY FIX WILL BE FIXED AT 49000/- ON 01.01.2016. ON GRANT OF NFSG FROM 01.07.2016 WILL BE FIXED AT LEVEL 9 – RS. 53100/-.




  10. Sir I hav joined in this April 2016 and my basic pay is 13500 (4200 gp + 9300). My promotion date wont be july 2016. Neither I am eligible for 1st jan 2016 which option should I go for ? Does selecting option 2 will mean that my next increement date would be july 2017 ?

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      As per Revised pay Rules 2016,

      Explanation 2.- The aforesaid option shall not be admissible to any person appointed to a post for the first time in Government service or by transfer from another post on or after the 1st day of January, 2016, and he shall be allowed pay only in the revised pay structure.

      you are not entitled to elect Option-2. You Pay will be revised on your date of Appointment

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      Choosing Increment date in Option-2 to revise Pay will be fixed at 19100 on 1.7.2016 and you are not eligible for Arrears from 1.1.2016 as per the Rule Position. If You elect Option 1 , you will get arrears from 1.1.2016 and your Pay on 1.7.2016 is 18500. Check yourself and Decide

      1. If i choose option 2 then my probation period extend reason undatisfactory work then i eligible for increament 19100 and for arrears?

  11. Sir, my date of appointment on promotion to Grade Pay of Rs.10,000 is 04.03.2014. In this case, whether I have a choice of selecting the date of my next increment or it will be automatically fixed on 1st January. Secondly, in case I am entitled to increment on 1st January, whether I will first get my increment on 01.01.2016 in the pre-revised pay and my pay on 01.01.2016 in the revised pay will be fixed accordingly on 01.01.2016.

  12. Dear sir, My basic is 18890+5400 on 01.01.2016 and is 19620+5400 on 01.07.2016. I am working in BARC. This year, I am having promotion in Nov-2016 but this promotion is effective from 01.07.2016(Back dated promotions). The order of promotion will come from President of India by June-2017. The basic on 01.07.2016 by considering promotion is 20370+6600 as per 6th CPC. Kindly advice which option to choose. I am in Dilemma.

    1. I am adding further information about my case. Suppose I have chosen option II, and from my next increment i.e. 01.07.2016 and my basic on this date is (19620+5400)*2.57 = 64301 which is level 10, row number 6 i.e 65000 is my basic as per 7 cpc. But after one year I got promoted w.e.f 01-07-2016. My basic is going to be (20370+6600)*2.57 = 69313 and is corresponds to level 11, row no 2. Am I thinking correctly or not? Once 7th pay is fixed in 01.07.2016, the basic is 65000 and if I am getting any back dated promotion after one year, then they add one increment to 65000 which becomes 67000 and compare 67000 in next level that is 67700. Kindly advice.

      1. govtstaffnews.in

        There is no Clarity in Provisions laid down in 7th CPC for Pay fixation for Back Dated Promotion. If you opt 1.7.2016 for Pay Revision, the pay Fixation for Back dated promotion on the date of Pay revision might be done in pre revised Scale and then it would be revised to 7th CPC. But Pay Fixation for Promotion Cases need to be clarified by DOPT. So you have to decide on your own

  13. Shiva kumar mergu

    My basic as on jan 16 is 12550 in 2800gp. I have been promoted to 4200gp on 1st august. Can I eligible to give an option of continue on pre revised pay structure untill I effect my promotion. If any body facing same issue pls cal me on 9966200922

  14. My basic salary on 01.01.2016 is Rs. 9260 including GP Rs. 1900 and on 01.07.2016 it is Rs. 9540 including GP Rs. 1900. Kindly let me know which date is beneficial to me for pay fixation.

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      In OPTION-I

      7th CPC Revised Basic Pay as on 1.1.2016 – 23800
      7th CPC Revised Basic Pay as on 1.7.2016 – 24500

      Arrears will be paid from January 2016

      OPTION-II :

      7th CPC Revised Basic Pay as on 1.7.2016 – 25200

      Arrears will be Paid from July 2016

      Check and Decide yourself which one is beneficial

  15. as I am retiring on 30/06/2018 will i be able to get my next increment on 01/07/2018. my last increment will be on 01/07/2017,and after that I will work for full one year. please clarify whether an increment is admissible to me

  16. My basic pay as on 1.1.2016 is 27880+6600=34480. I got promotion to grade 7600 on 4.4.2016. Please advise me which option is better for me and also show the fixation of pay.

  17. My basic pay as on 1.1.2016 is 10660+2400 = 13060. I got 2nd MACP of Rs. 2800 on 29.1.2016. please advise me for better option. Please guide me for my fixation of pay as per 7th cpc.

  18. my grade pay is 2800 as on 1/1/16 my promotion to MCM (GP 4200) is due in April 2017. can i choose option 2 till April 2107? please guide.

  19. My basic pay on 01.01.2016 is 12510+ 4600=17110. i m appointed in 2010. IN 7 pay commisson my pay fixation is 17110* 2.57=43972 (or ) 44900 RS . Even a new recuirted sfaff also got same 44900 + 2 increment = 47600 rs. please guide me for my pay fixation after 7 pay commission ?

  20. Sir as on 01-01-2016 my basic pay was 8660 + 2400 g.p. now I am promoted on 29.06.2016 in the g.p. of 4200. How my pay will be fixed and which option of increment will be beneficial for me. Plz guide sir as my pay haven’t fixed yet.

  21. Poornima Sreedhar

    My basic pay as on 1.1.2016 was 18950+ 5400. I got promotion in 1 st April 2016 but i joined on 11th April 2016. That time I have fixed the promotion increment in July 2016. Then I got two increment in July ie promotion and annual increment (20440+ 6600). So which option is beneficial for me to fix the pay. Administrative peoples are telling that those who got promotion in between 2nd Jan 2016 to 1st July 2016, they can give option either 1st Jan 2016 or the date of promotion. Is it true . If it is like that which one is better for me?

  22. Sir my basic pay as on 31/12/15 is 11450+2800(gp). I got promoted to gp 4200 on 01/04/16. I want my increment date to be 01/07/16. How to fill the option form?

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      If you want 1.7.2016 is your Increment date , then you should elect Option -II ( Next Increment date ie 1.7.2016 ) to revise your Pay. Check whether it is beneficial in your case before giving Option

  23. after calculations, it is found that option 2 is beneficial for me.
    i am a railway employee joined in december 2015 with gp 1800.
    But our department staff is not accepting my option form as i opted for 2nd option.
    those people are saying that the employes who got promotion or macp in between 01/01/2016 and 01/07/2016 are eligible for opting 2nd option.
    they r forcing me to opt for 1st option.
    I want to ask you whether all railway employes eligible for excercising options of his choice or not.
    if eligible kindly provide some official notice,, so that i can submit it in my department

    1. govtstaffnews.in

      As per the Revised Pay rules 2016, it has been clearly stated that those who are appointed on or after 2.1.2016 are not entitled to select 2nd Option. Since you are appointed before 1.1.2016 you are entitled to elect Option -II. Kindly refer Revised Pay Rules 2016

  24. Respected sir,
    i joined in delhi government on 05/03/2015 and now i got my first increament on 1/7/2016. After 7th CPC i will be able to get increament on 1/1/2016 ? if i choose option one. and if i will get increament 1/1/2016, Am i elegible for arears from jan to july ? and what will be my next increament date…?

    i am very confused as i am new in government job.

    and what should i do for benifits

  25. Dear sir

    my present basic pay is Rs 18,500 + Grade pay 4600. According to 7 th pay matrix my level is 7. my MACP is due from 23.04.2016. in my department we have a hierarchy pay levels of 6 (4200), 7(4600),10(5400),11(6600). we don’t have levels of 8 (4800), 9 (5400). my doubt is that, which level I will get in MACP (23.04.2016).

  26. sir, if i am got a promotion on 1 September 2016 can i exercise the option on 1 September 2016. i am not exercise my fixation option till yet.

    1. 1st September cannot be selected for option for revising your pay, since it is coming after the date of notification

  27. Sir My pay as on
    01.01.2016 Rs.19600+4800=24400
    01.07.2016 Rs.20340+4800=25140
    my GP will be 5400 in November 2016 which option beneficial to me?

  28. Respected sir,
    my basic+grade pay as on 01/01/2016 is 12060(9260+2800) if i multiply with 2.57 i get as 30994.2(12060*2.57)……in pay matrix table it come as 31000(level 3) basic.

    if i take from july-2016 my basic+grade pay is (9630+2800) i,e 12430 if i multiply with 2.57 i get as 31945.1…in pay matrix table next level is 31900(level 4) because of 45rupees my next level is 32900(level 5)…..
    i am ready to opt option 2 and forgo my arrears …..
    mine is a rare case ..can i get any solid proof for opting option 2 …..because i did not get MACP/promotion .

    it had been said in my department(DEFENCE ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT) that only MACP/Promotion candidates only get option 2……
    if i opt for option 2 i will be benefitted one level…..is there chance for me to opt for option 2 please clarify my doubt?

  29. If i choose option 2 then my probation period extend reason undatisfactory work then i eligible for increament 19100 and for arrears?

  30. Sir, I got my 2nd MACP on 4th January, 2010 and have opted for pay fixation from 1st January 2016 as per 7th CPC. Now my question is when will I be getting my increment 1st Jan or 1st July. Please clarify as there is to much confusion on this.

    1. If you exercised Option for revising your pay on 1st January 2016, your date of next increment will be 1st july 2016

  31. Sir,

    If one opts for 01.01.2016 as increment date will the 01.07.2016 increment be applicable? Per say: as per 7th CPC basic on 01.01.2016 is 67000/- will it be 69000/- on 01.07.2016 or will it be increased in 01.01.2017? Please help.

    1. One cannot opt for 1.1.2016 as Increment date. If one’s Pay is revised on 1.1.2016, he will be granted next increment on 1st July 2016

    1. The option under the provisos to rule 5 shall be exercised in writing in the form appended to these rules so as to reach the authority mentioned in sub-rule (2) within three months of the date of notification

  32. I have Promotion on 1.1.16.

    Pre-Promotion B.P. on 31-12-16 was 30300(G.P.6600) and after Promotion on 1.1.16 was 32210 (G.P. 7600)

    If I give the option as I elect to contine on Payband and Grade Pay untill the date of promotion, How my Pay will be fixed ?

    Because, Our Admin says pay on 31-12-2015 will be multiplied by 2.57 and promotion will be granted as per 7PC rules and new B.P. on 1.1.16 will be 81200(Level-12)

    If multiply B.P on 31/12/15 and give Promotion then B.P. on 1.1.16 will be 81200

    If Multiply with B.P on 1/1/16 after giving Promotion then B.P. on 1.1.16 will be 83600

  33. pradeep bikundiya

    I am having fixation on Jan 2016 and taking arear.
    1. Would I get increment on july 2016?
    2. what will be my annual increment date from 2017.

  34. Sir,
    My date of promotion is 01.07.2016. If I opt pay fixation on 01.07.2016 then when will I got next increment in 2017.

  35. sir suppose if i choose option 2 (july 2016) my pay become 19100 because my pay as on july 2016 is 7210 as per sixth pay commision. and suppose my frnd opt option 1 (january 2016) his pay become 18500.. and then my doubt is when should be the next increment date in 2017 for both of us. pls reply.

  36. Date of joining 03/01/2006
    1st MACP on 03/01/2016
    Pay on 01/01/2016=13450+4200= 17650.
    Which option is beneficial
    1) fixation from 01/01/2016 or
    2) fixation from 01/07/2016
    Plz guide

    MY PAY ON 31-6-2016 IS 29640
    MY PAY ON 1-7-2016 IS 32450


  38. sir hamne option 1 ko opt kiya hun. aur baad me calculate karne se pata chala ki hame option 2 me fyada hai. kya ham option change kar saktei hai. hamne jan 16 se jul 16 tak koi v arrier nahi mila hai.
    plse reply Sir.

    Jan 2016 BP+GP 7260+2000 = 9260 x 2.57 =23798 next table 23800
    Jul 2016 BP+GP 7540+2000 = 9540 x 2.57 = 24517 next table 25200

  39. sir i got promoted on 01/12/2015 and opted for promotional and annual increment on 01/07/2016, i was granted grade pay of 4800/- (on a/c of promotion from GP 4200/-) my pay after promotion was 10290+4800, how will my pay be fixed on 01/01/16 and on 01/07/2016. please help me and my deptt with your valuable suggestions.

  40. Satya Prakash Prasad

    I work as Assistant Professor and my basic as on 1st Jan 2016 is 19740 with 6000 AGP, and I got promotion on 01.03.2016 with change in My AGP i.e., 7000. Now in this condition which option shall benefit me in the light of 7th pay commission.

  41. my basic including gde pay is 74570/- as on 1-1-2016. Date of promotion is 10/5/2106 to the gde pay of Rs.10000/-. what would be my new basic pay as on 10/5/2016 and what would be my next date of increment and basic pay on DNI ????

  42. (12430+4200) = 16630 on 30th Aug 2016
    On 7th cpc
    16630 x 2.57 = 42739.1
    Fixing to 43600 in 6th level
    If I am getting promoted to next level 7 on 1st Sept 2016
    How to fixed my pay? And how much it will be?

  43. 7th pay on 1.1.16 is 37500
    7th pay on 1.7.16 is 38600

    I choosed opt1.

    Also , I have query for Option I…. does my pay will remain as 38600 or 37500, as opted 1.1.16

  44. I have a Promotion on 1.1.16. As per our office rules, My pay is fixed as below.
    B.P. on 31.12.15 x 2.57 –> Select/Fix Nearest Pay in Matrix –>Now Due to Promotion, One increment in same level and Fix nearest pay in promoted level.

    Is it Correct ?

    I have Given My Option as “I elect to continue in P.B. and G.P. untill the Date of My Promotion to the Post of…”

    as per my option I should be promoted first under 6th pay rules and and then My pay should be fixed in the promoted grade as per x2.57 formula.

    But, Our office is not agreeing with that. Due to this I’m losing the Grade Pay’s equivalent pay in my Basic pay fixation.

    Is there any clarity on this anomaly of New Promotion scheme in 7th Pay rules where Gradepay is no more existing.

    At-least, any relief for those promoted on 1.1.16 ?

  45. Sir
    My date of joining is may 2012.my basic is 18520 on 01-01-16 and 19080 on 01-07-16.my new basic will be one level high if I choose it from 01-07-16.but in Haryana govt. It is not verified by the section officer.pls tell me the rule no according to 7th cpc to get the benefit.

  46. Sandesh K Nagvenker

    my basic as on 01/01/2016 is 13950 +2800 gp. I got MACP on 14/05/2016 and since i have opted for MACP on 01/07/2016, my pay was fixed at 14980 (13950+510+520) + 4200 on 01/07/2016. My pay on 14/05/2016 was 13950+4200.
    what should be my option for 7CPC.

  47. I promoted from grade pay 7600/- (PB III) to 8700/- (PB IV) with effect from 1st July 2016. I opted for option-1. can I get my annual increment in January 2017

  48. Dr Lokesh Kumar Paliwal

    Joining date 2feb 1999 increment date 01 July 1 january2016vetaan band 2 basic 18520+4800=23320 promotion date 3sep2016. 25340 basic

  49. We have got 7th PC only in Jan 2017. Can I opt for 7th PC w.e.f. November 2016 as I have got MACP in Novemeber and moved to GP 4200 from Rs.2800, this is more beneficial to me.

  50. Hi I am working in defence and till now seventh pay commission has not been implemented. Recently I got promoted in January 2017. Can I opt to exercise my option from February 2017?

  51. Sir, I have promotion on 13.02.2016. My annual increment was APR2016. I gave the option to fix the both (Annual & Promotion) the increments at April 2016. As per FR. I revised my GP from Rs. 2600 to Rs.4400. wef 13.02.2016. I have the GP From 01.02.2016 to 12.02.2016, is Rs.1040 for Rs.2600GP. What is the GP from 13.02.2016 to 28.02.2016 for GP Rs.4400.

  52. I tendered my technical resignation on 01.06.2016. Earlier I was worked in Defence unit @4600GP. My regular increment on 01.07.2016. Then I was appointed in 5400GP taken charge on 06.06.2016. Whether I am eligible to give option clause i.e. 7CPC implementation date is either 01.07.2016( date of my next increment) or 06.06.2016(date of assumption of higher responsibility)

  53. Sir my grade pay is 2800 and basic is 12570 on 31 Dec 2015.which option I should choose?Can I change the option once I have exercised?

  54. Respected sir,
    i joined in bihar government on 04/05/2010 and now i got my first increament on 1/7/2011. After 7th CPC i will be able to get increament on 1/1/2016 ? if i choose option one. what will be my next increament date…?

    i am very confused and what should i do for benifits

  55. Sir, I have joined as Central government employee in 22nd May 2017 in Level 10 position. Shall I eligible for getting increment in July 2017.
    I need clarification.
    Thanks and regards.

  56. Sir,
    I am working in an Autonomous Institute under Ministry of Health & Family welfare which got order from Ministry on 05.05.2017 for the extension of 7th pay to our employees. This means that from the date of extension notification i.e. 05.05.2017 for 3 months we can give our options.
    Here problem is our Institute has taken option forms from employees before 7th pay orders came for autonomous bodies i.e. during August 2016 they have taken option forms from us..
    My question is that can we revise our option given before 7th extension order came ? i mean whether I can revise my option between 05.05.2017 to 04.08.2017 (3 months from extension order notification for our Institute)?? I would like to do so because I will get benefited one increment extra by choosing II option to get 7th pay w.e.f 01.07.2016. I would like to forgo arrears from 01.01.2016 to 30.01.2016

  57. My Basic Is according 6 CPC 6770+2100 As on 31 June 2016..what option is best for me to going select in 7th pay commission

  58. I have got promotion on 20/6/2017 till now my last drawn basic 27150..my pay is fixed at 28500.my date of joining is 1/1/2017..what date will be beneficial for my next increment

  59. Dear sir I have been appointed on 24/05/2017 under MOD and due to the negligence of the clerk in my division I opted for option 2 as directed by the clerk… So now what is the remedy to change the option… And if I keep it option 2 den my DNI will be either 1st Jan 2017 or 1st July 2017 but as I forgo my arrear will I be eligible to be fixed at two increments at once.. for eg: my basic+GP is 7000 and my basic after increment changes to 7210 on 1st Jan or 1 Jul of 2017 den as we multiply this with 2.57 it will come as 18529 so the question is will I be eligible to get two increments at once and get fixed at cell no 3 in level 1 if I don’t take arrears

  60. Sir my grade pay is 2400/-, Baswic pay as on 01.01.16 is 8440+2400=10840
    Basic pay + Grade Pay after increment in July 2016 in old pay=11165.2 round to 11170.
    Multiplying by 2.57=28706.9
    Next higher cell in pay matrix =29600
    Pay in 01.07.2017 after increment in new scale =30500
    can i go for option 2 or i have to choose option 1,because just because of rs. 6 difference my basic goes to 30500 if i choose option 2 …can you plz tell me whether i am correct or not.Its urgent plz help.

  61. Respect sir,I am srinivasa rao from visakhapatnam.
    Shell i go with 6th cpc pay up to 31 jun 2017.i am ready to forego arrest.as per FR rules.
    My will be fix from 1 jul 2017.it beneficia netalu rs 5000.

    Sir pls reply

  62. Sir,due to lack of information
    My fixation has been done as on 1/1/2016. But lateri came to know that i will get more financial benefit would my fixation done on1/7/16
    Can i change my date of option at this time (normal condition on promotion involved rare cases)
    I am a employee in jharkhand govt

  63. Bhadkar Baruah

    My basic salary on 01.01.2016 is Rs.8440 ,GP Rs.2400and on 01.07.2016 it is Rs.8770 , GP Rs2400. Kindly let me know which date is beneficial to me for pay fixation.

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