Revision of Pension of Autonomous Body Pensioners – FINMIN

Revision of Pension of Autonomous Body Pensioners – FINMIN

Regarding Revision of Pension of Autonomous body Pensioners , Finance Ministry has clarified as follows —

Central Government does not issue any instructions regarding implementation of recommendations of the Central Pay Commission PERTAINING TO PENSION IN RESPECT OF EMPLOYEES OF AUTONOMOUS BODIES. In view of this , NO ORDERS REGARDING IMPLEMENTATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS OF 7th CPC IN RESPECT OF EMPLOYEES OF AUTONOMOUS BODIES IN THE MATTER OF PENSION ARE TO BE ISSUED BY FINANCE MINISTRY. The appropriate decision is to be taken by the concerned Autonomous Body in consultation with the concerned Administrative Ministry in keeping with the practice on the previous occasions and also in the light of the Rules and Regulations/Bye-laws governing the service conditions of respective Autonomous Bodies.

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2 thoughts on “Revision of Pension of Autonomous Body Pensioners – FINMIN”

  1. Impression till now is that the pensioners of autonomous bodies are the step child to the Govt of India.
    Will be child at in near future?

  2. The entrance Government washed it’s hands clean from issue of necessary instruction to the concerned for taking proper action. Autonomous Bodies which are fully funded by the Government has to be given sufficient funds and instructions to expeditiously give pensions soon and arrears as these people are at their fag end of their life and are suffering due to the governments taken positions. This kind of situation never ever happened till this government happened to be in power. Senior citizens are made to grieve and suffer for no fault of theirs.

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