Simplification of Pension Payment procedure for first payment

Simplification of Pension Payment procedure for first payment

CGDA (1)


Dated:22 Sep 2017


All CsFA (Fys)/PCA (Fys)

(Through CGDA Website)

Subject: Simplification of Pension Payment procedure for first payment.

Please find enclosed HQrs office letter No.5169/AT-P/Vol-XII dated 12.09.2017 addressed to PCDA (P) Allahabad on the subject issue for your necessary action.

2. It is requested to examine the contents of the ibid letter and comments thereon may be furnished to HQrs office through return FAX/e-mail by 26th Sep 2017 positively for better appreciation of the case.

(Ashish Yadav)



Dated: 15.09.2017.


The PCDA (O)

Subject: Simplification of pension payment procedure for first payment.

please find enclosed HQrs office letter bearing No.5169/AT-P/Vol-XII dated 12/09/2017 addressed to PCDA(P) Allahabad and copy endorsed to PCDA by name on the subject issue for necessary action please.

2. It is requested to examine the contents of the ibid letter and comments thereon may be furnished to this HQrs office through Fax/e-mail at the earliest for better apprication of the case.

Encl: As above.

(V K Purohit)



Dated: 12.09.2017


Shri Praveen Kumar, IDAS
PCDA (Pension) Allahabad

Sub: Simplification of Pension Payment Procedure for first payment.

Ref: PCDA (P) Allahabad letter No.AT/Tech/70/XXV dated 11.08.2017.

The comments received under above cited letter have been examined in this HQrs CGDA office. Initiation of first payment without physical presence of pensioners is essential to ensure implementation of orders issued by DOP&PW/MoD and circulated vide PCDA(P) Allahabad Circular No.132 and 546 and also in the proposed CPDA scenario. In view of the procedure being followed by Civil Ministries for processing, calculating, making payments and also revising Retirement/Death gratuity and CVP (in case payment not opted through bank) could also be adopted for commissioned officer, PBORs and Defence Civilians.

2. It is intimated that in case of Civil Ministries, the H.O.O. (through PAOs) are responsible for release of lump-sum payment following the date of retirement under intimation to CPAO (details also available on website of CPAO). Hence, PCDA (O)/AFCAO/NPO in case of commissioned officers, Record Offices/PAOs for JCOs/ORs and HOOs/AOs for defence civilians could be assigned the responsibility who will release these payments of lump-sum pensionary benefits. The claim initiating agency shall reflect the amount worked out on account of Gratuity/CVP in the claim submitted to PSA. the latter can get the same scrutinized to confirm paid amount is correct or not. This will not only eliminate the chance for over payment in case of death before receiving lump sum payments but also being uniformity in the procedures presently being followed by other Civil Ministries.

3.It is, therefore, requested that matter may please be examined and views on the above proposal may please be forwarded positively by 27th September 2017 for taking final decision in the matter.

(Nanwaldeep singh)
Jt. CGDA (Pension)

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