Stoppage of Holiday Over-time in Ordnance Factories

Stoppage of Holiday Over-time in Ordnance Factories


REF: BPMS / MOD / OFB / 186 (8/1/R)

Dated: 19.08.2017

Shri Arun Jaitley Ji.,
Hon’ ble Raksha Mantri Ji.,
Government of India
Ministry of Defence,
South Block,
NEW DELHI – 110 011

Subject: Stoppage of Holiday Over-Time in Ordnance Factories – Protest of.

Reference: MoD ID No.DDP-P0012/8/2017-D(Prod-II) dt.08-08-2017.

Respected Sir,
I have been directed to bring the following for your kind immediate intervention.

Vide Ministry of Defence letter cited under reference above, Ordnance Factory Board has been directed to completely stop Holiday Overtime in the Factories.

In this connection we submit that the said order issued by concerned officials is totally unjustified and is without proper application of mind, suffice to say that Over time in the Ordnance Factories is not granted as a matter of routine or luxury but there is a time tested and logical formula vis-à-vis production output on the basis of which the action is taken and it is quantifiable.

Here it may also be pertinent to note that as per the annual statement of accounts of the factories, the total cost of labour on the cost of production is constant between 12 to 13% whereas other elements like Material, Fixed Over heads ,Variable Over heads consumes bulk of cost of production.

Thus targeting Labour to cut cost is not only an unprofessional approach but also shows the biased mindset of the concerned Officials of MoD which is adversely affecting the moral, dedication of the employee and output of the OFB organization.

There is large scale resentment amongst employees as a result of which whimsical diktat of the Ministry and we seek your immediate personal intervention in the matter to provide justice to the workmen.

We therefore once again demand that status quo ante be restored, pending further discussion on the matter.

Thanking You,
Sincerely yours
General Secretary

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Source: BPMS

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