TA Calculator as per 7th CPC and 6th CPC Rates

TA Calculator as per 7th CPC and 6th CPC Rates

The TA calculator is prepared to calculate the amount of Transport Allowance as per 7th CPC Recommendation as well as existing rates.

The 7th CPC has not accepted the NCJCM Proposal on Transport Allowance and it recommended prescribing the rates just by adding the 125 % with Pre-Revised rates.

But after the Govt decided to review the 7th CPC recommendations on Allowances, it has been decided to continue the existing sixth CPC Transport Allowance rates until the Allowance Committee Submit the report.

The TA calculator provides you the amount of Transport Allowance you can get as per the revised (7th CPC) and Pre-revised (6th CPC) rates according to the types of City.

7th CPC & 6th CPC TA Calculator
Select Your Pay Grade or Pay level
Pay in Payband
Select 7th CPC DA
Select the City Type
(7th CPC)
Select the 6th CPC DA
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(6th CPC)

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