Transport Allowance is not given any raise- 7th CPC Recos Retained

Transport Allowance is not given any raise- 7th CPC Recommendation Retained

Apart from HRA, the most expected Allowances by Central Government Employees is Transport Allowance.
The Cabinet followed the principles adopted by 7th Pay Commission to determine the rates of Allowances. The Transport Allowance is not given any raise by Cabinet. Since the Transport Allowance is listed in fully DA indexed Allowance , the Cabinet felt that it need not be increased.

According to the Press Release issued by Govt of India on Allowances, it is stated that

For most of the allowances that were retained, the 7th CPC recommended a raise commensurate with inflation as reflected in the rates of Dearness Allowance (DA). Accordingly, fully DA-indexed allowances such as Transport Allowance were not given any raise.

So the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission on TA (Transport Allowance) will be retained. See the Rates recommended by 7th Pay Commission 

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