Two Increment dates need to be recommended in 7th Pay commission

Two Increment dates need to be recommended in 7th Pay commission

There is no explanation in the report of 7th CPC about the suggestion regarding the two Increment Days in respect of Central Government employees given by the NC JCM Staff Side. Prior to the 6th Pay Commission, there was separate increment date for each central government employees. Sixth Pay Commission recommended uniform increment date for all the central government employees and the new conditions for granting of increment. As per the sixth CPC recommendations, Government servants completing six months and above in the same Grade Pay as on 1st of July are eligible to be granted the Increment.

One who joins duty on or after 2nd January 2015, will get his annual increment on 1st July of next year i.e after rendering 17 months of service.

In such a way, those who are retiring on 30th June are denied annual increment even after completing 12 months’ service in same Grade pay.

The NC JCM had highlighted such anomalies in detail to the 7th Pay Commission(Click to view the Demands). To remove these anomalies NCJCM Staff Side has proposed to recommend two increment dates at the interval of six months i.e 1st January and 1st July of every year. It is expected that, if it is accepted by 7th CPC, it will address the above issues. But unfortunately 7th CPC didn’t accept this proposal and said nothing about that.

Further, it followed same recommendation of sixth cpc that granting 3% increment on 1st July of every year . But nothing has been said about the criteria for annual increment to be granted. Hence in the context of no recommendation has been made on conditions for granting annual increment, it can be assumed that the prevailing conditions for granting annual increment to be followed.

So consequent upon implementation of 7th pay commission, there will be no relevance in respect of attendance on 1st January for granting annual increment for serving employees. Finally, the rules imposed by the 6th Pay Commission, regarding the eligibility of employees to receive the annual increments, is very likely to continue after 01.01.2016.

But the commission is proposing withholding of annual increments in the case of those employees who are not able to meet the benchmark either for MACP or a regular promotion within the first 20 years of their service.[Continue to Read : withholding of annual increments ]


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