What will be the Expected DA from January 2017 ?

What will be the Expected DA from January 2017?

People started to calculate expected DA from January 2017 as 7 Months AICPIN Points are released so far. The Labor Bureau has released Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers for the Month of July 2016 today. Already It is confirmed that Dearness Allowance from July 2016 might be 2% as per the revised DA calculation. See the 7th CPC DA calculation Formula.  Now expectation turned towards January 2017 DA. We need 12 Months AICPIN from January 2016 to December 2016 to calculate the DA from January 2017.  The 7 month AICPIN Points released so far is given below.

[table id=17 /]

Remaining Five months AICPIN Points from August to December are Required to calculate the rate of DA from January 2017. But assuming the trend of AICPIN Index by following three possibilities we can arrive the percentage of increase in Dearness Allowance approximately.

Assumption -1

If the AICPIN for Industrial workers remain stationary at 280 for succeeding five months .
The DA from January 2017 will be 3 %.
So the Total DA to be paid to CG staff from January 2017 will be 5%.

Assumption -II
If the CPI Index fluctuates between 282 to 278 points, even then there will be 5% DA will be paid with an increase of 3% from Jan 2017.

Assumption -III
If the AICPIN increases steadily by 2 points for successive months from August 2016 to December 2016 ,Then the DA to be paid from January will be enhanced by 4 %.

So the trend of AICPIN Index goes with above expectation, 5% to 6% DA can be expected from January 2017.

Check yourself with the Calculator designed to calculate Expected DA from January 2017. Click the link provided below-

 Click here to Check the Dearness Allowance Calculator

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